Shoaib Ibrahim Recalls Incidents of Pranking Ayushi Khurana on the sets of Ajooni Serial

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Shoaib Ibrahim is a prominent actor in the industry where he is popularly known for his various roles in many shows. He is currently portraying the character Rajveer’ in Star Bharat’s show ‘Ajooni’ where the show has recently completed 150 episodes. Shoaib Ibrahim who has marked his remarkable existence entertaining in the television industry from a very long time recalls incidents of pranking his co-star Ajooni aka ‘Ayushi Khurana while shooting on sets.

Star Bharat Serial Ajooni

Shoaib Ibrahim says, I tricked my co-star Ayushi when we were shooting a scene on the terrace by asking her to use a ladder to climb up onto the terrace, but when she got there she was scared, so I asked her to sit on the crane where she was unaware of the rule that anyone sitting on the crane while being in front of the camera must provide a treat for the entire crew, so she eventually realized that she had been duped by me and for the same reason she treated the entire crew with Magnum ice cream.

Shoaib Ibrahim

Ajooni Serial
Ajooni Serial

He further adds, “I also pranked Bebe aka Veena Kapoor , where we informed our director prior ,so while we were shooting a scene in which Veerji aka Praveen Sirohi who plays the character of my elder brother had to beat me using a bottle and Veena Kapoor had to stop him from doing the same, but when she tried to stop , I raised my head and got myself injured, where she got scared and she seemed to look worrisome, so afterwards we decided to say the truth that she was been pranked ,so basically I love to do small prank on others as am little mischievous and I am hoping to prank again someday.”

Ajooni has captivated audience love for its interesting plot and appealing cast portraying their respective characters. The center of the plot are Ajooni and Rajveer portrayed by Ayushi Khurana and Shoaib Ibrahim respectively. The serial portrays a love story between Rajveer and Ajooni, who are completely opposite to each other.

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