Comedy Khiladigalu 4 Winner – Harish Hiriyur Won the Title, Nataraj is 1st Runner Up

Zee Kannada Reality Show Comedy Khiladigalu 4 Winners Name

Harish Hiriyur
Harish Hiriyur

Comedy Khiladigalu 4 are also one of the popular programs of Zee Kannada channel which is known for its diversity. Mahavedike Comedy Kiladis, which was born with the intention of tickling the hearts of so many people who are struggling in the daily grind, through humor, has earned a place of love in the hearts of Kannadigas by making Karunadana laugh at the weekend with the slogan “Sidegidri Nim Tensions, Madte Bandhidu Comedy Kiladis”.

As usual every season, we went to 31 districts of Karnataka and auditioned more than 60 thousand talents, among them 16 comedy gems were selected by our triple judges through mega audition process and welcomed to the stage for Comedy Khiladigalu 4.


Title Winner – Harish Hiriyur , Won Rs 5 lakhs
1st Runner Up – Gilli Nataraj ,won a cash prize of Rs. 3 lakhs
2nd Runner Up – Shubha Lakshmi, Won Rs 2 lakhs.

Following the motto “Laughter is our theory, Laughter is only our Vedanta”, 16 children are involved in stage training with the guidance of skilled theater directors, and by imbibing the aspects of acting, language, and musical performance, they have given a new dimension to comedy through their performances. Our season 4 fans are sure to make us eagerly wait for the show.

Gilli Nataraj - Comedy Khiladigalu 4 Winner
Gilli Nataraj – Comedy Khiladigalu 4 Winner

Another specialty this season is a new experiment in standup comedy. Standup comedians have a knack of keeping the audience entertained for hours through their speech, and in this episode we have a rare talent like Raghavendra Acharya, a hot boy from Raichur.

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The show Comedy Khiladigalu 4 started with mega auditions and in a 22 week long episode, with a total of 150+ skits till the semi-finale stage, through different getups, social messages and experimental skits with comedy, our kids became the center of laughter and entertain the audience with a nationally acclaimed comedy. Kiladilu season 4 Mahavedikke has now reached the grand finale stage and ended successfully.

As always, the proud judges of our show, Navarasa hero Jaggesh, crazy queen Rakshita and lovely star Prem will enhance the grand finale. The grand finale will be hosted by Master Anand, Karnataka’s favorite host of Comedy Kiladilu.

Shubha Lakshmi - Comedy Khiladigalu 4 Winner
Shubha Lakshmi – Comedy Khiladigalu 4 Winner

Along with all of them, the “Comedy Kiladis Season 4 Grand Finale Mahavedike” which is being prepared with the continuous efforts of hundreds of technicians and hard workers has finally opened the curtain for the countdown of who will be the winner of the season 4. A total of 12 tough finalist Kiladis are ready to entertain Karunadan with different comedy plays and dance performances.

For all these unforgettable moments, Comedy Kiladilu Season 4 Grand Finale Mahavedike” was held at Municipal Ground, Sakarnadu Mandya District, Krishnarajpet Taluk [KR.Pete] on February 11th evening and the winner was announced by Jagganna in the crowd.

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