Ajooni on Star Bharat – Check The New Look Of Ayushi Khurana In the Show

Ayushi Khurana spills bean on her upcoming new look in show Ajooni on Star Bharat

Ajooni on Star Bharat
अजूनी सीरियल स्टार भारत

The television show ‘Ajooni’ marked Ayushi Khurana‘s acting debut as the lead. With the audience’s growing acclaim for the show, Ayushi Khurana quickly rose to fame and earned a devoted fan base for her portrayal of the powerful, intelligent, and persistent ‘Ajooni’ in the show. With the upcoming track bringing significant twists and turns, viewers will witness Ayushi Khurana, also known as Ajooni, in a new role as she seeks to reveal Shikha’s true motivations in front of the family. Ayushi Khurana shares her new appearance and the preparations she made for it.

Ayushi Khurana

She says, “I’ll be portraying a character named ‘Kamli’ in the show, and this is a fresh look for me. Overall, trying something new is a refreshing experience. Additionally, a new aspect of Ajooni will be revealed to the viewers, and it will be extremely entertaining. In terms of appearance, Kamli stands out for having bunny teeth, making it occasionally challenging to speak so sometimes I fumble while delivering my dialogues but eventually I’ve adapted to her nature now and getting better with delivering my dialogues while having those bunny teeth’s. But it’s great fun because I get to try out a new look and persona. Also, it’s fun to play Kamli as she’s very funny”

Ajooni on Star Bharat

She further adds, “Talking about the new look it’s basically planned by ‘Ajoonni’ and Rajveer’ so that they can unravel the true intentions of Shikha. The new track is going to bring a lot of twists and turns. It’s going to be entertaining and full of drama and the viewers are really going to enjoy”.

Stay tuned to watch ‘Ayushi Khurana’s all new look in the show ‘Ajooni’ every Monday to Saturday at 8:30 PM only on Star Bharat.

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