Pushpa Impossible New Twist in the Story – Will Ashwin and Dipti get married?

New Twist in the story of Pushpa Impossible , Will Ashwin and Dipti get married?

Pushpa’s (Karuna Pandey) life is constantly plagued by obstacles, and taking them head-on, she always overcomes the challenges. In the coming weeks, Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible is set to witness a big twist as Pushpa’s dilemma of losing the jewellery is the talk of the town. Yet again, fate has put her into a challenging situation with a face off against Kunjbala (Ketki Dave), Dipti’s (Garima Parihar) grandmother.

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Pushpa finds herself at the loss of an explanation as Kunjbala has seen the jewellery that Pushpa had planned to give Dipti as a gift at the wedding. One thing rolls onto another, and the conflict advances when Kunjbala notices that the jewellery presented by Pushpa is the same as the one that was gifted by Kunjbala to Pushpa.

Kunjbala, without further ado, storms the marriage venue and stops the marriage. After Kunjbala insults Pushpa and calls her a fraud at the wedding venue, the situation becomes grim.

Will Ashwin and Dipti get married amidst the chaos?

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Pushpa Impossible - पुष्पा इम्पॉसिबल
Pushpa Impossible – पुष्पा इम्पॉसिबल

Karuna Pandey, aka Pushpa, shares, “Challenges are a constant in Pushpa’s life and through her logical approach she has always managed to find a solution to the hurdles she is faced with. This time she is worried about Kunjbala’s wrath as the jewellery that was supposed to be gifted to Deepti gets stolen. It will be interesting to see how Pushpa turns the tables on this situation.”

Naveen Pandita, who portrays Ashwin, is also excited to go through the next phase, ” Dipti and Ashwin’s marriage is one of the most anticipated parts of the story currently. Among all the celebrations, there’s an undercurrent of uncertainty and what would be exciting is to see how Pushpa will tackle the current challenges.”

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