Tumpa Autowali Colors Bangla Serial Staring Dona Bhowmik, Sayan Bose

Launching on 16th May, Everyday at 07:30 PM – Tumpa Autowali Serial

Colors Bangla Serial Tumpa Autowali
Colors Bangla Serial Tumpa Autowali

Mithuna Raashi Serial (Kannada) Getting a Remake, Bengali Channel Colors Bangla Launching the Show as Tumpa Autowali. Dona Bhowmik plays the role of Tumpa and Sayan Bose plays the role of Abir In The Show. This Serial Handling the Story of a female auto driver, Premier from 16th May every day at 7.30 pm on Colors Bangla.

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Set against the backdrop of present-day Kolkata, the show follows the journey of Tumpa, from being a female auto driver to becoming a supporting homemaker to a successful entrepreneur.The show gives you glimpses into the life of a female auto driver Tumpa (played by Dona Bhowmik) who drives an auto for her livelihood and supports her family, yet.


Pursues her passion for studies. She is proud of driving her auto JAAN which she treats as a person. The show also tracks the story of Abir (played by Sayan Bose) who is an owner of a successful App- cab company. Abir is very arrogant. Despite their personalities being poles apart, Tumpa and Abir’s fates get intertwined as they get married to each other. Will Abir and Tumpa forget their class differences and start a fresh new life? Will Tumpa at all become the supporting home maker for Abir?

Star Cast

Dona Bhowmik – Tumpa
Sayan Bose – Abir
Sairiti Banerjee – Tumpa’s Sister
Dolon Ray – Hero’s Mother
Kaushik Banerjee – Hero’s Grand Father
Debika Mitra – Tumpa Autowali Hero’s Grand Mother
Rii – Hero’s Aunt
Joyjeet Banerjee – Hero’s Uncle

Indrani Serial Colors Bangla
Indrani Serial Colors Bangla

06:00 PM – Jai Shri Krishna
06:30 PM – Jai Jagannath
07:00 PM – Sona Roder Gaan
07:30 PM – Tumpa Autowali
08:00 PM – Tin Shaktir Aadhar Trishul
08:30 PM – Mou -Er- Bari
09:00 PM – Tumii Je Amar Maa
09:30 PM – Swapnodana
10:00 PM – Naagin
10:30 PM – Adorer Chowa
11:00 PM – Sona Roder Gaan

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