Colors Bangla Redefines Womanhood BEYOND the Colour PINK with #NijerRongeRoj

Nijer Ronge Roj – Colors Bangla

Nijer Ronge Roj

In a world where stereotypes often dictate perceptions, Colors Bangla has spearheaded a landmark campaign challenging the conventional notion that correlates womanhood with pink. With the campaign #NijerRongeRoj, Colors Bangla has aimed to celebrate the diversity of femininity and break free from the constraints of such monochromatic expectations.

The campaign revolved around the empowering idea that women cannot and should not be confined by a single colour or societal norms. Instead, it celebrated the varied shades of her being, her resilience to combat struggles, and her unique approach to navigating through differences, emphasising her individuality.

Nijer Ronge Roj

As part of its commitment to honouring women’s diversity, Colors Bangla embarked on a 5-phased campaign leading up to International Women’s Day. This included a teaser launch, a captivating Call-to-Action (CTA) film featuring four female leads from original Colors Bangla shows, participation by female celebrities associated with Colors Bangla, and audience engagement through submission of stills and videos. These submissions were curated by Colors Bangla and incorporated into the final brand film, which promises to be a celebration of diversity and empowerment.

On this occasion, Vivek Modi, Business Head, Colors Bangla and Colors Bangla Cinema said “Colors Bangla stands as a platform where every shade of femininity is acknowledged, celebrated, and amplified. Through the #NijerRongeRoj campaign, we aim to unite our audience with their favourite stars, allowing them to see themselves alongside their idols.”

The campaign culminated on 8th March, International Women’s Day, with the release of the brand film, promising to be a powerful testament to the strength and diversity of women everywhere.

Take a look at the #NijerRongeRoj campaign film:

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