Tanvee Kiran About Her Character of Shemaroo MarathiBana’s Show Sau. Pratap Manasi Supekar

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Tanvee Kiranas as Manasi
Tanvee Kiranas as Manasi

Shemaroo MarathiBana’s popular show ‘Sau. Pratap Manasi Supekar‘ recently completed the milestone of 100 episodes. The show with its unique concept and title has won audiences hearts. The show is a celebration of a love story between Pratap and Manasi that transcends traditional boundaries. It is about the unbreakable bond of love, promoting equality, fostering understanding and facing challenges together. On this occasion, Tanvee Kiran, who plays the lead character, Manasi, in the show shared her thoughts on her journey so far.

1. How has your journey been so far playing the character in Sau. Pratap Manasi Supekar?

– In playing the lead role in the serial, my experience has been both enriching and demanding. My character, Manasi’s (Tanvee Kiran) journey allowed me to explore a spectrum of emotions and showcase versatility in portraying different facets. The challenges of maintaining consistency in performance and adapting to evolving storylines were part of the learning curve. Building connections with co-stars, engaging with the audience, and contributing to the overall narrative success added a fulfilling dimension to the experience. It’s been a dynamic journey marked by personal growth and a deep immersion into the character’s complexities.

Tanvee Kiranas as Manasi

2. What were some of your most cherished moments while working on this show?

– Some of my cherished moments while working on the show include the camaraderie with the cast and crew, particularly during lighter moments off-camera.

3. How do you feel about reaching this significant milestone of completing 100 episodes?

Sau Pratap Manasi Supekar Marathi Serial
Sau Pratap Manasi Supekar Marathi Serial

– Reaching the significant milestone of completing 100 episodes is truly gratifying. It’s a moment of pride. It reflects the dedication and hard work put into the show by everyone involved. The journey has been filled with challenges, growth and memorable moments.

Sau. Pratap Manasi Supekar Star Cast

4. Could you highlight the character’s growth or any memorable character arcs that stood out to you in this journey?

– Throughout this journey, the character’s (Tanvee Kiran) growth has been remarkable. From initial traits to overcoming challenges, there’s been a significant evolution. One memorable character arc was navigating through complex relationships, providing a chance to showcase emotional depth. Another standout moment was when the character faced a turning point, demonstrating resilience and maturity. The equation between Pratap and Manasi is something that viewers relate to. They replicate the nuances of married couples in the evolving society.

5. What can the viewers expect from the upcoming episodes of SPMS?

– Lots of Family Drama, twists, interesting plots, and challenges that will test the bond between Pratap and Manasi (Tanvee Kiran) and will they be able to overcome these obstacles is something that viewers don’t want to miss out on.

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