Actress Kshama Deshpande Takes Charge as a Choreographer in Jogeshwaricha Pati Bhairavnath Serial

Shemaroo MarathiBana Serial Jogeshwaricha Pati Bhairavnath, Kshama Deshpande takes charge as a Choreographer

Kshama Deshpande
Kshama Deshpande

Renowned for her portrayal of Jogeshwari in Shemaroo MarathiBana’s captivating mythological series ‘Jogeshwaricha Pati Bhairavnath,’ actress Kshama Deshpande has won the audience’s heart. Stepping into the role of a choreographer, Kshama infuses the current and upcoming sequences with a fusion of ‘Tandav’ and ‘Classical Dance, eliminating the need for an additional choreographer due to her exceptional talent.

Jogeshwaricha Pati Bhairavnath

Kshama Deshpande said, “After a year and a half, I’m back to dancing and teaching, and it brings me immense joy. While many know me as an actor, this opportunity allows them to witness more of my passion. Teaching dance to my co-actor Pratik, a non-dancer, has been a delightful challenge. His dedication shines in his exceptional performance, leaving the audience in disbelief.”

Despite facing challenges in finding time between scenes as lead actors, Kshama and Pratik collaborated seamlessly to deliver outstanding efforts. Even a minor knee injury during a dance sequence couldn’t deter Kshama’s determination.

Actress Kshama Deshpande

In the upcoming track, audiences will witness Bhairavnath’s performance in the presence of Mahadev and Parvati, accompanied by the character Bhairavi, portrayed by Kshama Deshpande. Bhairavi, representing Jogeshwari’s strength, unbeknownst to Jogeshwari herself, adds an intriguing layer to the narrative.

Stay tuned to witness the flawless performances by Kshama and Pratik in ‘Jogeshwaricha Pati Bhairavnath’ every Monday to Saturday at 8:30 PM on Shemaroo MarathiBana

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