Tumii Je Amar Maa Serial Launching on Colors Bangla – 6th June at 09:00 PM

Everyday at 09:00 PM Telecast Time of Tumii Je Amar Maa Serial

Tumii Je Amar Maa Serial Colors Bangla
তুমি যে আমার মা সিরিয়াল

Suman Dey and Priya Mondal comes back as lead characters in Colors Bangla Latest Serial Tumii Je Amar Maa.Produced by Acropolis Entertainment will go on air from 6th June Every Day at 09:00 PM on Colors Bangla Channel.

The relationship of a mother and child is supposed to be the purest one. A daughter always sees a role model, a friend and a confidant in her mother. But what happens if an eight-year-old child doesn’t have her mother and takes up the responsibility of searching an ideal mother for herself? Bringing forth one such heart-warming story of a mother- daughter relationship, Colors Bangla is all set to present Tumii Je Amar Maa.

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Suman Dey, Priya Mondal, Mallika, Suchismita are in the Star Cast of Serial Tumii Je Amar Maa. Set against the backdrop of a small township near Kolkata little Aru has everything in life except one, the most important, her mother. The motherless child is pampered by all and she is not used to getting ‘no’ as an answer. But the child has one constant demand that of getting a mother. Her dad Aniruddho Roy Chowdhury played by Suman Dey runs the family business of a hotel chain. A smart and intelligent man he plays the role of both the parents.

Voot App Streaming Tumii Je Amar Maa Serial
Voot App Streaming Tumii Je Amar Maa Serial

Star Cast


Actor Character Note
Suman Dey Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury He is the Father of Aru
Priya Mondal Aarohi Chowdhury
Aradhya Biswas as Aarohi ‘Aru’ Chowdhury – Aniruddha’s daughter Aarohi Aru Chowdhury Daughter of Aniruddha
Mallika Majumder Shibani Roy Chowdhury Mother of Aniruddha
Pritha Chatterjee
Suchismita Chowdhury
Subhrajit Dutta
Shirsha Guhathakurta
Minakshi Ghosh
Sulagna Chatterjee

Aniruddha loves his only daughter and feels helpless that he’s unable to fulfill Aru’s wish of getting a mother. Arohi played by Priya Mondal takes up familial responsibility after the demise of her mother. To support her family, she wants a good job. Life has its own ways of showing us new avenues. Arohi lands up getting the job of a mother to little Aru. Through their encounter, Aru and Arohi come close to each other and they develop a beautiful.

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