The Jengaburu Curse (09 August) and Por Thozhil (11 August) – Latest OTT Movie Releases on SonyLIV Application

SonyLIV OTT Releases This Week – Por Thozhil and The Jengaburu Curse

The Jengaburu Curse SonyLIV
The Jengaburu Curse SonyLIV

The Jengaburu Curse On sonyLIV is India’s first cli-fi (climate fiction) web series delving into the exploitation of natural resources for human greed. Sukumar Tudu , Nassar , Melanie Gray , Faria Abdullah , Makrand Deshpande , Sudev Nair , Richard Bhakti Klein , Deipak Sampat , Aarya Bhatta , R.Badree , Tushar Acharya , Vikram Pratap , Shrikant Verma , Swati Verma , Hitesh Dave , Rhea Resham Bari , Atul Sharma , Haroon Rafiq Are in the Star Cast.

Most Anticipated OTT Release of The Week, Por Thozhil will Start the Online Streaming from 11 August on SonyLIV. Ashok Selvan , Nikhila Vimal , Sunil Sukhada , R. Sarathkumar , Pugazh , Fathima , Nizhalgal Ravi , Harish Kumar , Santhosh Keezhattoor , Simran Jain , Thenappan P.L. , Priya Karthick , Kanmani , O.A.K. Sunder , Simran , Mullai Arasi , Rajalakshmi , Mythili , Dharshan , Hemalatha , Yasmine , Dhananjayan , Sundara Mahalingam Are in the Star Cast of Por Thozhil

The Jengaburu Curse

Platform – SonyLIV
Date – 09 August, 2023

Time Prime Membership
Time Prime Membership

Generating significant excitement with its trailer, this climate-fiction thriller series has been causing a stir. Set in Odisha, the narrative centers around Priya Das, a London-based financial analyst. Her compelling journey unfolds as she endeavors to uncover the truth behind her father’s mysterious disappearance, marked by unforeseen events.

The series casts a revealing spotlight on the unrelenting avarice of humanity and its profound repercussions on the environment. With its enthralling premise, the show captures the viewer’s attention, promising a thought-provoking exploration of the interplay between human actions and nature’s delicate balance.

Por Thozhil

Porthozhil Movie Online Streaming
போர் தோழில் OTT ரிலீஸ் தேதி

Platform – Sony LIV
Date – 11 August, 2023

In the gripping Indian Tamil-language crime thriller “Por Thozhil,” a novice police officer forms an alliance with a seasoned law enforcement veteran to track down a cunning serial killer. Marking Vignesh Raja’s directorial debut, the film showcases the collaborative efforts of these two officers as they delve into a harrowing investigation to unravel the mysterious and chilling pattern behind the killer’s actions.

With R. Sarathkumar, Ashok Selvan, and Nikhila Vimal in leading roles, “Por Thozhil” unfolds as a riveting tale of suspense, as the protagonists navigate through a complex web of clues and challenges, determined to bring the ruthless murderer to justice.


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