Jajabara 2.0, Dalcheeni, Maliput Melodies, Dashama – AAO NXT Unveils a Riveting Lineup of Original Content

Latest On AAO NXT, Odisha’s First Independent OTT Platform – Jajabara 2.0, Dalcheeni and More

Jajabara 2.0
Jajabara 2.0

AAO NXT, Odisha’s premier OTT platform, proudly announces an exhilarating array of upcoming content that promises to captivate audiences across Eastern India and beyond. Building on the momentum of its 3rd operational anniversary in December 2023, AAO NXT continues to redefine regional entertainment with its distinctive content lineup.

Jajabara 2.0

Delves into the late ’90s Cuttack, following Jagat, a taxi driver and contract murderer, and his encounter with executive Satyabrat. Directed by Abhishek Swain, the film explores themes of atonement and the toxicity of their trek to Sweetheart Hills, offering a riveting blend of suspense and drama.


Unveils the secret fantasies of Kaushik in eastern Odisha. Directed by Sisir Kumar Sahu & Peenakee Singh, the story takes an unexpected turn during a weekend trip, challenging societal norms and delving into the complexities of desire and self-discovery.

Ayushman Mastram

Follows Ayushman’s journey as a struggling writer facing daily rejections. Director Ajay Rath crafts a series that combines love and comedies of errors, centered around a disguised soft porn writer, offering a unique perspective on the challenges of pursuing creative ambitions.

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Maliput Melodies

Is a collection of stories set in Koraput, celebrating the simplicity of life and focusing on happiness, dreams, and empathetic situations. Directed by Vishal Patnaik, the film offers a visual treat with its new form of storytelling, capturing the essence of life in Maliput.


Is a nostalgic drama portraying the journey of class X students in a school, bringing back memories for every student in India. Directed by Raja D, the film captures the essence of school life, exploring the challenges and joys of adolescence.

Mr. Kaushik Das, Visionary Entrepreneur and CEO of AAO NXT, shared his enthusiasm for the upcoming content: “At AAO NXT, our mission is to redefine Odia entertainment by offering a diverse range of narratives that resonate with our audience. Each piece of content is crafted to celebrate our cultural tapestry, and we believe this lineup will elevate the viewing experience for our subscribers.”

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