Embark on a Laughter-Fueled Journey: ‘Comedy Capsules’ Unleashes Hilarity on AAO NXT, Streaming Now!

Comedy Capsules Streaming Now On AAO NXT

Comedy Capsules Streaming On AAO NXT
Comedy Capsules Streaming On AAO NXT

AAO NXT, Odisha’s premier OTT platform, is set to unleash a wave of uncontrollable laughter with the debut of its latest show, ‘Comedy Capsules.’ The uproarious comedy series features a stellar cast of Odisha’s finest comedians, promising an unforgettable experience for viewers.

Streaming exclusively on AAO NXT ‘Comedy Capsules’ is poised to become a comedic sensation.

Cast and Crew

The show introduces a stellar cast, featuring the comedic brilliance of Satyabrat Mohapatra, the charm of Barsha Mishra, the wit of Riten Pattnaik, the humor of Ashish Kumar, the laughter-inducing talent of Malaya Ranjan Parida, the comedic timing of Bishal Mohanty, the hilarious antics of Jyotirbindu Sahoo (Dadal), the rib-tickling Ashish Mohapatra, and the uproarious humor of Akash Rout.

This four-episode comedy bonanza is a unique blend of observational comedy, anecdotal sets, and a sprinkle of crowd work, ensuring a diverse and entertaining experience for the audience.

AAO NXT Originals

Kaushik Das, Founder & CEO of AAONXT, expresses his excitement, stating, “We are thrilled to present ‘Comedy Capsules,’ a show that not only showcases the rich and diverse talent of Odisha’s comedians but also marks a milestone in the local comedy scene.”

The show is not just about laughs; it’s a rollercoaster of humor that promises to leave you in splits. AAO NXT is the first OTT channel to shine a spotlight on the local comedy scene, and ‘Comedy Capsules’ is poised to win hearts with its unique and refreshing approach.

The comedic lineup features Riten Pattnaik, a stand-up comedian from Bhubaneswar known for his side-splitting humor in the Odia language. Ashish Kumar, an Electrical Engineer turned stand-up comedian, has performed in over 500 shows and opened for renowned comedians.

Comedy Capsules – AAO NXT

Malaya Ranjan Parida, a Ph.D. scholar, combines academia with humor, specializing in observational comedy. Akash Rout, also known as Badabeta, is a storyteller and comedian with a knack for turning life experiences into humorous anecdotes.

Comedy Capsules AAO NXT
Comedy Capsules AAO NXT

Bishal Mohanty, active in the local comedy scene since 2019, is recognized for his funny anecdotes, observational jokes, and crowd work. Satyabrat Mohapatra, an engineer turned banker turned stand-up comedian, brings his corporate experience to the stage with anecdotes and storytelling.

Odisha OTT Platform

Barsha Mishra, an occupational therapist turned comedian, combines her professional background with humor. Jyotirbindu Sahoo (Dadal), a content writer pursuing an MBA, adds a touch of humour to his search for a job and jokes. Ashish Mohapatra, a coding geek by day and comic by night, entertains with witty current affair-based jokes.
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