Sumeet Raghavan Gets Candid as He Celebrates Three Years of Sony SAB TV Serial Wagle Ki Duniya

Rajesh Wagle’s Heartfelt Journey, Sumeet Raghavan Sharing His Experience

Rajesh Wagle Role Played By Sumeet Raghavan
Rajesh Wagle Role Played By Sumeet Raghavan

Sony SAB’s ‘Wagle Ki Duniya – Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey’ marks three glorious years of thought-provoking storytelling, offering insights into the lives of common people and the everyday challenges they face. Over the years, the show has captured various emotions and issues such as breast cancer, menstruation, women’s safety, and even softer issues such as honesty, family values, solo dating, and following one’s passion.

The show’s lead actor Sumeet Raghavan, who portrays Rajesh Wagle, shares his experience and gratitude for being part of this impactful journey. Much like his character, Rajesh, a devoted family man, Sumeet shares a connection with the show’s relatable characters and storylines. Here’s a glimpse into his perspective on the show’s remarkable three-year journey.

‘Wagle Ki Duniya’ has completed three years. What do you think has been the key to the show’s ongoing success?

Sumeet Raghavan , The success of ‘Wagle Ki Duniya’ is a collaborative achievement, with unwavering support from the audience and the channel, along with the dedicated efforts of everyone involved, including actors and writers. The show’s focus on core Indian values, such as the significance of family bonds, the role of grandparents, and the unique relationships formed with neighbors, resonates deeply in today’s context. Additionally, the show’s commitment to highlighting social issues and impactful storytelling enhances its connection with the audience, making them feel related and engaged with the characters and narratives.

Sumeet Raghavan as Rajesh Wagle
Rajesh Wagle

Could you share your reflections on your journey with the show so far? What do you believe sets it apart from others in the television landscape?

Sumeet Raghavan, Having been part of Sony SAB and ‘Wagle Ki Duniya’ for an extensive period, the journey has been incredibly fulfilling and joyous, particularly as the show completes its three-year journey. What truly sets ‘Wagle Ki Duniya’ apart is its unique approach to addressing societal issues through relatable and meaningful storylines. The show has set benchmarks not just in terms of number of episodes but also in delivering impactful and engaging content.

How has the show successfully balanced addressing social issues while keeping the audience engaged and entertained?

Sumeet Raghavan, The show delves into important topics while making sure the audience stays engaged. The main aim is to create impactful and entertaining content while narrating meaningful stories that capture the audience’s attention. The show is dedicated to balancing thought-provoking conversations along with entertaining its diverse audience.

Can you highlight some memorable episodes that addressed social issues, and how did the audience respond to these impactful storylines?

Sumeet Raghavan, Wagle Ki Duniya has featured memorable episodes addressing social issues like breast cancer awareness, mental health, menstrual taboos, and advocating for women’s safety, among various others. It’s heartening to see the audience respond positively, and the interactive platform of social media has provided a space for them to share their appreciation and experiences. Their feedback reinforces the show’s commitment to impactful storytelling.

Wagle ki Duniya
Wagle ki Duniya

Do you personally connect with the themes and values portrayed in the show?

Sumeet Raghavan, Having been born and raised in Mumbai, I resonate with the vibrant city life and the portrayal of family in the. It invokes a sense of nostalgia, reminding me of the simpler times during my childhood. The show’s emphasis on the importance of community, family bonds, and relationships aligns with the values that have been an integral part of most Indians’ lives.

What can the audience expect from ‘Wagle Ki Duniya’ in the coming years?

Sumeet Raghavan, The audience can expect more engaging stories and a continued effort to improve and connect with them. We are committed to delivering quality content and appreciate the continued support from our viewers. The team is beyond thankful for the audience’s love and blessings and promises to continue delivering meaningful and entertaining episodes.

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