Hu Anthiya Uhuu Anthiya Game Show On Star Suvarna Channel Launching on 19 May at 07:00 PM

Latest Kannada TV Game Show On Star Suvarna Channel, Hu Anthiya Uhuu Anthiya

Hu Anthiya Uhuu Anthiya
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Star Suvarna , which is known as the leader of reality shows on Kannada television, will now air a new type of innovative game show called ‘Huu Anteiya…Uhuu Anteiya (Hu Anthiya Uhuu Anthiya) . The show will have three rounds in total with two popular anchors. Celebrity contestants stand a chance to win 6 lakh rupees

In the first round the contestants play one after the other. If the contestants correctly choose the true and false facts given by the presenter, they stand a chance to win 1 lakh rupees. In the second round, the contestants will be challenged to eat food, given a total of 60 seconds with fun twists. Winners can win 2 lakh rupees.

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In the third and final round only two contestants will play based on their luck, the winning contestant will have a chance to win 3 lakhs. These are the rules of this game show. Rock star Rupesh Shetty from Tulunad, who is responsible for the narration of the show ‘Huu Anteiya…Uhuu Anteiya’, and Arun Hariharan, who has impressed the audience with his acting and comedy, are the hosts of this show. The first grand opening episode will feature actor Darling Krishna, actresses Milana Nagaraj and Amrita Iyengar as celebrity contestants.

Huu anthiya Uhuu Anthiya
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Hu Anthiya Uhuu Anthiya

Viewers are excited for the title track of this reality show and are eagerly waiting for the great entertainment. Apart from this, Star Suvarna Vahini is also giving a chance to win “i phone” to the viewers sitting at home. If you give the correct answer to the question asked at the end of the first and second episode, you can get a chance to win ‘I Phone’.

Coming to entertain you is a brand new unique celebrity game show ‘Hu Anthiya Uhuu Anthiya‘ which will be aired every Sunday at 7 PM from 19th May. Watch these hilarious episodes on your Star Suvarna channel without missing a beat.

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