Suvarna Gruha Mantri Launching on 13 May at 01:00 PM, Telecast Every Monday to Saturday

Star Suvarna Channel To Launch New Kannada Show Suvarna Gruha Mantri

Suvarna Gruha Mantri
New Kannada TV Shows

Leading Kannada General Entertainment Channel launching a New Show from This Monday, Suvarna Gruha Mantri (Suvarna Grihamantri – ಸುವರ್ಣ ಗೃಹಮಂತ್ರಿ). This is a different kind of reality show. Usually no one recognizes the housewives/girls who work at home, no one even says ‘thank you’ no matter how well they take care of the housemates.

The style of “Suvarna Gruha Mantri” program is to identify such housewives, know about the intimacy of husband and wife, honor them, talk to them and give silk saree, gold, silver and other valuable prizes along with the game.

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This is the first time that the popular anchor Murali Star has joined the Suvarna Channel and is the host of the program ‘Suvarna Gruha Mantri’. In this program prepared for the housewives of Karnataka, Murali will stand in the place of his elder brother and honor the housewives by giving them a silk saree, silver and gold as a gift to the home, and sit on the Queen’s seat. Apart from that, he will play the game and give prizes to his close relatives and friends who have come to his house.

Kannada Show Suvarna Gruha Mantri Host Murali
Host Murali

Suvarna Gruha Mantri

Currently, the promo of ‘Suvarna Grihamantri’ is making a strong sound on social media and viewers are eagerly waiting to watch this show. There will be a huge shower of prizes in this program and the audience is sure to be entertained.

To celebrate the housewives of Karunad, the new show ‘Suvarna Grihamantri‘ is brought to you with a queen seat. Watch it from this Monday at 1 PM on your favorite Star Suvarna.

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