Warso on ShemarooMe , A Captivating Gujarati Web Series shedding light on the legacy of Patola Weaving

Join Hem on a heartfelt quest, preserving his family’s tradition, in Warso only on ShemarooMe

Warso Gujarati Web Series
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ShemarooMe, the leading streaming platform, presents the latest addition to its diverse content catalog – the Gujarati Web Series ‘Warso.’ The series is all set to captivate audiences with a riveting blend of drama and cultural exploration. ‘Warso’ not only explores the fading art of Patola but also weaves a compelling narrative around Hem, an ambitious individual who chooses personal dreams over conforming to the traditional legacy of his family.

The series boasts a stellar cast featuring Gaurav Paswala, Prashant Barot, and Kalpana Gagdekar, Directed and Produced by the duo Abhinn and Manthan.

Gujarati Web Series

Hem, portrayed by Gaurav Paswala, faces the unsettling task of preserving his family’s 900-year-old rich patola weaving tradition which stands on the edge of extinction. The story takes an unexpected turn when he decides to pursue his further studies from a renowned international institute to get out of the traditional business legacy of his family. In his journey he realises his responsibility of protecting the diminishing culture of Patola and finds a way to fulfil his dream as well as revive the art of Patola.

Warso Cast and Crew

Gaurav Paswala, expressing his thoughts about the web series, said, “Patola weaving has been an integral part of Gujarat’s artistic heritage for centuries, and I learned so many things about this art’s historical journey during the shoot of Warso. Today’s generation isn’t that inclined to stick with their family business. They want to try out different jobs and explore new chances, while the old family businesses struggle to keep up or risk becoming outdated.


This Web Series beautifully captures the emotional journey of Hem’s life. Working with the talented cast and under the direction of Abhinn and Manthan has been a privilege. ‘Warso’ is a heartfelt exploration of heritage, and I am excited for the audience to join us on this emotional ride. ShemarooMe has provided the perfect platform for us to share this experience, and I believe viewers will connect with the narrative of preserving cultural practices amidst modern challenges.”

ShemarooMe Web Series

‘Warso’ is exclusively available on ShemarooMe, offering the audience an enlightening and immersive experience. The series takes the viewers on an emotional journey of preserving cultural practices in the face of modern challenges.

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