Dadagiri 4 Winner Is Vikas Arora From Delhi

Delhiite Vikas Arora Wins Men Prove Stronger In The Revenge of the Sexes – Dadagiri 4 Winner

Dadagiri 4 Winner
Dadagiri 4 Winner is Vikas Arora

An age old topic, of Man vs Woman was put to test by Dadagiri 4 – Revenge of the sexes. Thousands across India auditioned, 14 were selected and of the final 3 touted to win the ultimate revenge of the sexes, Vikas Arora won the test over fellow Delhites Niyati Handa and Purnima Choudhry.Girls and boys roughed it up on a level playing field surviving the wildest and toughest challenges thrown not just by the Dadas but also by the opponents. The two teams successfully competed with each other in numerous tasks that tested not only physical but also mental agility and sharpness of the contestants hence breaking stereo-types and busting many myths on the way.

Commenting on his win Vikas Arora said, “I feel at the top of the world. Somewhere I had the faith in myself and knew I would win it because I am capable. My strong determination gave me the energy to win it. Today people do not know me know as Mr Arora’s son; rather they know my parents as Vikas’s Parents. I am currently loaded with so many things happening around me and I am cherishing and loving every bit of it as this is just the start.”

The task for the finale was set up in a triangle of fire divided into three segments. The finalists were put in a gunny sack; in the first level they were given a small knife which they must use to tear away the gunny sack. After this they jumped over the fire into the next level which contained a bowlfull of hair and cheese cubes; they had to eat these cubes to find the key to the locked chest kept next to then. The chest contained the declaration of the winner of the season.

Speaking on the eve of the Grand Finale, Keith Alphonso, Business Head, UTV Bindass said, “This season was a very different concept for Dadagiri with which we have successfully been able to break stereo-types, typecast and exemplify finer points of human behaviour through our carefully devised tasks. This has certainly kept the audiences hooked to the show – creating yet another successful season for our show Dadagiri 4 Winner.

Dadagiri Season 4
UTV Bindass Announces Season 4 of Dadagiri

We will soon be back with Season 5, the challenge will now be to come up with an even more engaging concept.” Humbled by the token of Rs. 10 lacs prize money Vikas, is all set on his journey to try and achieve his place in this competitive world and wishes to continue his studies as well try to pursue modeling as a career.

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