Bombat Bhojana Season 4 on Star Suvarna Channel Launching on 15 January at 12:00 Noon

Star Suvarna Cookery Show Bombat Bhojana Season 4 Launch

Bombat Bhojana Season 4
BB Season 4

Suvarna Channel’s cooking show “Bombat Bhojana” created a new milestone by crossing 1000 episodes in the history of Kannada television. It has already successfully completed 3 seasons and now it is all set to come up with the 4th edition. Now this time Bombat Bhojana Latest Season has come to you with many special features. If you tell me what will be there this season.

Bombat Bhojana Season 4

1. Your cooking : Getting the masses to come and tell the different types of taste.

2. Health is destiny : Dr. Gauri Subramanya shares useful home remedies for people here.

3. Home meal : Making a surprise entry to someone’s home, tasting the food prepared by them and chatting with them.

4. Nammura Oota: Moving across Karnataka, rushing to hotels with years of popular history and telling people about the popular dishes there.

5. Saviyuta : Going to ladies clubs in different districts and mixing with people there, cooking wizard Sihi Kahi Chandru prepares different cooking dishes.

6. Tiffin Carrier : It is said that it is a very easy food that can be packed in a can for going to office, school in the morning.

7. Snacks: New types of Kuruk snacks that can be enjoyed for evening tea will be mentioned.

8. Chief Guest: Popular artists and movie stars are invited to the set of ‘Bombat Bhojana’ and cook their favorite dishes.

Bombat Bhojana Season 4
Kannada Channel Cookery Shows

So this time Bombat Bhojana Season 4 has many new cooking segments.Bombat Bhojana 4 starting this Monday at 12 PM on your favorite Star Suvarna , headed by Nalamaharaja Sihi Kahi Chandru, don’t miss out.

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