Hosa Bannada Shubharambha, Colors Kannada Aims to Celebrate Ugadi with Audiences

Ugadi Celebrations in Kannada TV Channels – Hosa Bannada Shubharambha

Hosa Bannada Shubharambha
Colors Kannada

Known for its successful execution of diverse creative shows, Colors Kannada has announced a feast of entertainment for the coming New Year, Ugadi. Upholding its commitment to round-the-clock entertainment, Colors Kannada has unveiled a lineup of new shows that will mark the celebration with daily episodes, starting from Ugadi itself.

As the festival Ugadi signifies treating joy and sorrow equally with fresh mind space and approach, Colors Kannada will introduce a new culinary show, a star-studded festival celebration, and a new fiction show featuring the comeback of a popular television superstar from the Kannada GEC.

Ugadi Celebrations

As a treat to audiences throughout the year, Colors Kannada has already announced Saviruchi Season 3, scheduled to air weekdays (Monday-Saturday) from April 9th at 12 noon. The show’s promos have become a hot topic on social media, generating much discussion among viewers.

Embracing the new year with renewed energy and positivity, Colors Kannada is all set to present “Colorfull Ugadi,” a star-studded celebration featuring television superstars from all Colors Kannada fiction shows.

“Colorfull Ugadi” will showcase the vibrant energy of Colors Kannada’s television superstars. Hosted by the effervescent Niranjan Deshapande and viewers’ favorite Sushma Rao, the show promises an entertainment extravaganza with dance, games, and performances by talents from Colors Kannada’s fiction and non-fiction shows.

Hosa Bannada Shubharambha

But that’s not all! The show will also be graced by the presence of renowned film actor Satish Ninasam and WPL-2024 champion Shreyanka Patil. “Colorfull Ugadi” will witness a reunion of the entire Colors Kannada family, much anticipated after the Anubandha Awards. The show premieres exclusively on Colors Kannada on April 7th at 6:30 PM.

In an addition to the fervor of Ugadi, Colors Super will bring three superhit Nick toons Paw Patrol (9AM), Pakdam Pakdai (10AM) and Shiva (6PM), dubbed in Kannada on an exclusive kids’ band called Balavana to treat kids to their favorite Nick shows during their summer vacations starting 15th April.

Cine Ugadi

Simultaneously, Colors Kannada Cinema will also premiere blockbuster movies under the title of Cine Ugadi on the day of the festival, Hosa Bannada Shubharambha.

Continuing the Ugadi spirit, Colors Kannada is set to launch a new fiction show marking the comeback of a famous television personality who garnered a massive fan following during their previous stint with Colors Kannada. The new show is expected to air just days after the new year begins.

Hosa Bannada Shubharambha, So, stay tuned with Colors Kannada cluster for all your entertainment cravings of throughout the genres.

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