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Challenges of Shooting a Rain Sequence, Aangan Aapno Kaa Cast About the Shooting Experience

Aangan Aapno Kaa Cast
Ayushi Khurana and Samar Vermani

Sony SAB’s latest family drama ‘Aangan Aapno Kaa’ continues to win hearts with its heartwarming story about a daughter’s unwavering devotion towards her father. On one hand, Pallavi (Ayushi Khurana) decides not to get married ever if it comes in the way of her taking care of her father (Mahesh Khurana), while on the other hand, her budding romance with Akash (Samar Vermani) has left her in dilemma.

As the love between Pallavi and Akash blossoms, viewers are in for some romantic sequences in the upcoming episodes. The duo recently shot for an intense rain sequence where both Pallavi and Akash were high on emotions, expressing their feelings for each other. While the rain sequences look exquisite on screen, they are not easy to shoot.

The cast navigated through multiple challenges that often remain hidden behind the scenes. From sustaining injuries to fighting the distractions caused by the pouring rain, the actors reveal the unseen hurdles that they encounter while bringing the romantic moments on screen.

Aangan Aapno Kaa Serial Cast

Aangan Aapno Kaa Serial
Aangan Aapno Kaa Serial

Samar Vermani reveals his thoughts while shooting a rain scene, “It was so much fun shooting in the rain. While the rain sequences look beautiful on screen, only the artists and the production team know how difficult it is to create such moments. In this scene, Pallavi and Akash play basketball on the court.

They are both dealing with intense emotions hence they are very aggressive while playing. Because of the water, the court was slippery and we sustained some injuries as well. Even saying lines became difficult as water kept getting in our eyes. But despite the difficulties, shooting the scene was fun, and we all had a good laugh.”

Serial Aangan Aapno Kaa Cast

Ayushi Khurana, who plays Pallavi, shares her experience while shooting the rain scene, “This is our second rain sequence for Aangan Aapno Kaa but this time we were not shooting it on our regular set. We were in Vasai and it was a night shoot, so it was remarkably chilly.

We were standing in pouring water for a long time and I was shivering throughout the shot. I was thinking I might catch a cold. Even though some scenes might be difficult to shoot, it gives us the satisfaction of giving something to viewers that they will cherish. The scene has turned out beautifully and I am sure that the audience will enjoy the same.”

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Serial Aangan Aapno Kaa
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