Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024 Live Streaming on FanCode Application – Sunday, 21 January 2024

FanCode and Procam collaborate to give a personalised broadcast experience for runners in the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024

Tata Mumbai Marathon Live
Tata Mumbai Marathon Live

FanCode, India’s premier sports destination, and Asia’s most prestigious marathon, the Tata Mumbai Marathon are set to elevate race day experience by groundbreaking real-time broadcasting for runners in the 10k open category. For the first time in India, more than 7000 runners can share a personalised LIVE link, get individualised key statistics and instant highlights after the marathon.

  • FanCode’s exclusive streaming of the Tata Mumbai Marathon will enable users to follow every runner in the Open 10k Category LIVE and give runners instant personalised highlights of their run after the marathon.
  • In partnership with Procam, this is the first time that any marathon in India will see such an innovation for runners.

Mumbai Marathon 2024 Live

Tata Mumbai Marathon is scheduled to take place on Sunday, 21 January 2024. This will be in addition to the broadcast feed of the elite race, which will also be available for streaming on FanCode.

Users can enter the BIB number of the runner that they wish to track and see the progress LIVE during the Open 10k category. Besides live streaming the runner’s progress, users will also be able to see the real-time statistics such as total run time, distance covered, and average pace.

Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024 Live Streaming
Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024 Live Streaming

Yannick Colaco, Co-Founder of FanCode, said, “Tata Mumbai Marathon is one of the world’s most prestigious running events. The coverage for marathons in India has remained restricted to less than 1% of the runners, who are elite athletes, and that’s something we are looking to change. I firmly believe that every runner has a story to tell and I’m delighted that we are offering a platform for them to share their story.”

FanCode Streaming

On the association, Vivek Singh, JT.MD. Procam International said, “Tata Mumbai Marathon’s collaboration with FanCode, is reflective of our commitment to enhancing the overall race experience and represents a significant leap forward in sports technology. We are excited to see how this initiative will benefit the running community in India and bring joy to all the runners participating in the 10K run, at the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024.”

FanCode has constantly strived for innovation in the sports broadcasting space and gives users the option for match pass and tour passes. It was one of the first platforms to introduce interactive overlays on LIVE cricket broadcast, giving users access to instant highlights, statistics on demand amongst other things.

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