Rajveer Singh Talks About His Role as Abhimanyu Sinha in Star Bharat Channel Serial 10:29 Ki Aakhri Dastak

10:29 Ki Aakhri Dastak Serial Actors – Rajveer Singh as Abhimanyu Sinha

Rajveer Singh as Abhimanyu Sinha in 1029 Ki Aakhri Dastak
1029 Ki Aakhri Dastak Actors List

Actor Rajveer Singh gained immense popularity with his show on Star Bharat back in year 2019 and he became and household name. Back again with yet another captivating role Rajveer Singh will be soon seen in a never seen before avatar on Star Bharat’s upcoming supernatural thriller 10:29 Ki Aakhri Dastak , Rajveer is set to play the lead role alongside talented actress like Shambhavi Singh and Aayushi Bhave in the show. Speaking about the concept of the show Rajveer Singh shares his excitement on playing a unique character named Abhimanyu Sinha

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10:29 Ki Aakhri Dastak Serial

Describing his character, Rajveer says , “Abhimanyu Sinha is a cop, known for his temperamental nature. He often engages in arguments and struggles to control his anger. Despite his efforts, he finds it challenging to keep his temper in check. As a cop, he maintains a practical outlook on life and is not easily deceived. He has a skeptical nature and prefers to see things for himself before believing them.”

Rajveer Singh as Abhimanyu Sinha

He continues , “Essentially, Abhimanyu is someone who relies on his own experiences to form beliefs. He won’t accept something as true unless he witnesses it firsthand. So, this character is something very different then what I have played in the past and I feel fortunate to play this role as the show’s concept is unique and engaging. It offers a refreshing change from the usual storylines, and I believe the audience will find it captivating.”

Star Bharat
Star Bharat

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