Raajakumara – Deepavali Premier Movie on Udaya TV 20 October at 7.00 PM

Udaya TV Deepavali Premier Movie Raajakumara

Rajakumar movie premier udaya tv
Rajakumar movie premier udaya tv

A family entertainer Kannada movie ‘Raajakumara’, staring Puneeth Rajkumar, Priya Anand in lead roles and Ananth Nag, Sarath Kumar, Prakash Raj,Chikkanna,Ashok, Dattanna, Bhargavi Narayan, Achutha Kumar and Sadhu Kokila in supporting roles. The film was released on March 24th , garnered extremely positive reviews from the critics and the general public. The positive talk has helped the movie to run successfully since its release at the box office.


Story revolves around, an honest man (Siddharth ) overcomes various obstacles while trying to retain his purity of character and fulfilling his duties towards his family is the story tagline. The family values take centre-stage along with a different peg in the story, fighting to clear his deceased father’s name in a scam. Also, his concern for deserted aged parents in an old age home or the orphanage is filled with high emotions.

bramhachari kannda movie premier udaya tv
bramhachari kannda movie premier udaya tv

Music is one of the value added elements for the success of the film. Harikrishna had composed the Music and background score for the film. One of the most popular songs is ‘Bombe Helutaite ‘and ‘Appu Dance ‘for his fans is one of the most trending songs of the year.

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However, Raajkumara has impressed family audience, if a family sentiment is your preferred mode of entertainment, then ‘Raajakumara’ will not disappoint you. It also comes with the usual bonus for the fans – Puneeth dancing on a special number for Appu Fans. Now ‘Raajakumara’ remains as all-time No.1 highest grosser for Kannada movie.

Occasion of Deepavali, for the first time in Kannada Television, Udaya Television Premier Movie “Raajakumara” is been telecasted on this Friday (20.10) 7 PM.

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