Sadaa Nimmondhige On Udaya TV from 15th July Every Sunday at 9 PM

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Sadaa Nimmondhige
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Sadaa Nimmondhige is a Kannada television reality show which airs on Udaya TV every Sunday 9 PM. in the history for the first time this show is about upbringing people who have struggled in their life but never left their spirit to achieve something. The show will help these people to achieve dreams which they’ve dreamed of. The show will financially help these people by inviting Celebrities who will do the same daily job which these people do like driving auto rickshaw, selling goli soda, pani puri, sugarcane juice or petrol bunk attendant. The amount which the celebrity will earn will be multiplied by 100.


Veteran actress Julie Lakshmi who has been working in the field for 50 years and this multi-faceted actress is also a well-known television personality is now back on the small screen but this time in a new avatar of a narrator on Udaya TV “Sadaa Nimmondhige”.

udaya tv hd channel
udaya tv hd channel

Sadaa Nimmondhige is a realistic show and emphasizes how small things can make a difference in a needy person’s life. It’s so good to see some people who have lost their hope to dream big in life are again dreaming big with the show. Big sandalwood stars with notoriously busy schedules take some time out to raise money for people in need. The response which Sandalwood celebrities get when they go to step into their shoes is really amazing.

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The first episode features Narendra Kumar — an Auto Driver – who is trying hard to raise money to take care of his family, daughter’s education and to own an Auto rickshaw. Dhruva Sarja, who features as the first fund-raising star on the show, swoops in and charms the whole studio like only he can and promptly proceeds to drive auto rickshaw in the heart locations of Bangalore city.

Dhruva Sarja redefined the idea of fan of Shankar nag by embellishing garland to his statue and started his driving job. The first customer itself was a pregnant lady whom he dropped to the hospital and in return he didn’t charged for the ride, in turn he only gave money for her as a remembrance. Later he got a ride to Vasavi College where the crowd got out of control and Dhruva graciously accepted whatever student are willing to like dance, dialogues and a picture with him. Like this Dhruva spent a whole day with customers across all age group by dropping them to their destination places.

Dhruva succeeded earning enough money to buy a new auto rickshaw to Narendra Kumar. In this show every week Stars from Sandalwood listers Sri Murali, Prem, Priyanka Upendra, Vijay Raghavendra, Srujan Lokesh, Manvitha Harish, Priyamani, Rashmika Mandanna, Dhananjay, Chiru Sarja have joined their hands to help the common people. This show is produced by Mr.Srujan Lokesh under “Lokesh Productions”.

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