Chiranjeevi Sarja Sadaa Nimmondige Special episode at 9 PM On Udaya TV

Being Mechanic in an art – Sadaa Nimmondige with Chiranjeevi Sarja This Sunday at 9.00 P.M

Chiranjeevi Sarja Sadaa Nimmondige Special episode
Chiranjeevi Sarja Sadaa Nimmondige Special episode

In last week’s episode of Sadaa Nimmondhige “Chinnari Mutta” fame Vijay Raghavendra raised fund to Bibijaan by selling Goli Soda. In this coming week episode Sarja’s family Mass Yuvraja “Chiranjeevi Sarja” has braved the Mechanic work to raise fund for Shivaraj whose family is facing back to back problems and hindrance in life.

Shivaraj is from Shivmoga and he has two daughters and both of them are suffering from Thalassemia which is an inherited blood disorder in which the body makes an abnormal form of hemoglobin. For this treatment Shivraj require major fund, for which Chiru Sarja had made a point to raise money for them by performing a task of mechanic in a car garage.

Chiru Sarja worked hard as a mechanic and did all type of work including car washing. Along with this he thoroughly entertained his customers and fans by fulfilling their requests and demands.Do tune into Udaya TV, “Sadaa Nimmondhige” this week episode to watch Chiru Sarja as a Mechanic and how much he earned to support Shivraj’s family. Do tune into Udaya TV, “Sadaa Nimmondige” this week episode at 9 PM.

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