Dasara Utsava on Udaya TV – Friday, 19th October 2018 at 1.00 P.M

Udaya TV Dasara Utsava

Udaya TV has been entertaining viewers by bringing them unparalleled content, memorable stories and relatable characters. These characters have become an integral part of viewers lives they have laughed with them in their happiness and cried on witnessing their sorrows. With television being an inseparable part of our daily lives in India, this time around, Udaya TV goes a step forward to create yet another unbreakable bond with it viewers by entertaining the channel’s avid viewers by presenting a special event “Dasara Utsava”.

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Dasara Utsava on Udaya TV Channel
Dasara Programs

Popular Udaya TV actors like Yamuna Sreenidhi, Divya, Nandeesh, Nayana Shetty, Pramod Raju, Deepa Hiremath, raksha Holla, Akshatha Rao, Devayya and the Jai Hanuman fame Pradyumna, Vinay Gowda and several others added glamour to the dazzling evening of “Dasara Utsava” event. Arun Hariharan and Sheetal Shetty turned hosts for the evening and entertained everyone with their fun banter. Adding an element of fun and excitement, Pawan, Tabala Nani and Vishwa’s troop brought in great enthusiasm and positivity as they played a improve and comedy skit.

Udaya TV popular actors amped up the entertainment quotient and added glamour and fervor to the event with their power-packed performances. The viewers are in for a double celebration as the entire Udaya family celebrates Dasara Celebration the way only UdayaTV can!


Dasara Utsava event took place in Mandya, Kala Bhavana. The evening kick started with the Mind blowing Navadurgi performance by 9 leading Udaya soap queens. Actress cum Vidhushi Yamuna Sreenidhi pulls off a power-packed duo performance with all her grace and attitude. Other artists impressed the audience with their fine moves to a Romantic, Dream, Mytho, Tapori, Shades of Women and Festive themes.

The event main highlight was Jai Hanuman act where the Hanuman lead Pradyumna and Ravana fame Vinay gowda performed for their Theme. To catch this sparkling event of “Dasra Utsava” tune into Udaya TV on 19th Oct at 1pm Onwards

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