New OTT Releases This Week – Bawaal, Trial Period, Ice Fantasy, The Deepest Breath, Maurh, Narasiyo,

MX Player, Netflix, ShemarooMe, Prime Video, ZEE5 – New OTT Releases This Week

The Return (Kikyo) on MX Player – 22 July, Maurh on Zee5 – 21 July, They Cloned Tyrone on , Netflix – 21 July, Trial Period On Jio Cinema – 21 July, Bawaal On Prime Video – 21 July Are the New OTT Releases. Ice Fantasy On MX Player – 19 July, 2023 , The Deepest Breath On Netflix – 19 July, Narasiyo On ShemarooMe -20 July, Sweet Magnolia Season 3 on Netflix – 20 July Are Also Releasing This Week.

OTT Releases July
OTT Releases July

Ice Fantasy – MX Player

Ice Fantasy is a Chinese fantasy drama. Hundred years after the war between the Ice Tribe and the Fire Tribe, the only two remaining royal heirs of the Ice Tribe struggle for power. Prince Ka Suo (Feng Shao Feng) and his younger half-brother, Yong Kong Shi (Ma Tian Yu), are the only pureblood illusionists and royal heirs left in the Ice Tribe. Ka Suo reluctantly battles his brother for the throne, but he wants nothing more than the freedom to be with his lover Li Luo.

Kong Shi does everything he can to take the throne away from Ka Suo, while Yan Da (Zhang Meng), the only daughter of the Fire Tribe royal family, is willing to give up everything for Kong Shi. When both Kong Shi and Li Luo suddenly go missing, can Ka Suo protect his kingdom alone when another war breaks out? Watch ‘Ice Fantasy’ streaming on MX Player in Hindi from 19th July 2023.

The Deepest Breath – Netflix

Embark on an awe-inspiring journey with Italian freediver Alessia Zecchini as she strives to break a world record, aided by safety diver Stephan Keenan. This documentary promises breathtaking underwater footage and emotional interviews, providing a rare glimpse into the world of freediving and the dedication it requires. With tension and drama surrounding their pursuit, this remarkable duo’s resilience and passion will undoubtedly leave you inspired. Don’t miss this unforgettable and immersive experience as the film releases this week.

Sweet Magnolia Season 3 – Netflix

Childhood best friends Maddie, Helen Decatur, and Dana Sue Sullivan reunite to tackle fresh challenges. This new season takes us through their adventures in the charming town of Serenity, South Carolina, where they navigate romantic relationships, family dynamics, and career choices. Grab your popcorn and indulge in the heartwarming journey of these inseparable friends.

Narasiyo – ShemarooMe

As the holy period of Adhik Maas begins, ShemarooMe brings forth a mesmerizing treat for its subscribers with the release of the timeless Gujarati classic show, ‘Narasiyo.’ This extraordinary series narrates the inspiring tale of the revered 15th-century poet-saint Narsinh Mehta, who fearlessly challenged orthodox beliefs through his verses while seeking Lord Krishna’s blessings.

Through 27 captivating episodes, viewers will witness Narsinh Mehta’s struggles, triumphs, and dedication to composing poetic works celebrating the eternal bond between humanity and Krishna. Immerse yourself in this enthralling journey, filled with rich storytelling and profound spiritual insights, as ‘Narsaiyo’ unfolds in three parts over three consecutive Thursdays starting 20 July 2023 only on ShemarooMe.

Ice Fantasy Hindi OTT Release
Ice Fantasy Hindi OTT Release

Khedut Ek Rakshak

After creating waves on ShemarooMe, the highly anticipated film ” is set to make its mark on a global scale with its YouTube premiere on the Shemaroo Gujarati YouTube Channel on 20th July 2023. Starring Vikram Thakor in the lead, Khedut Ek Rakshak,’ chronicles the inspiring journey of Vikram, a dedicated farmer’s son. Despite financial obstacles forcing him to leave his education, Vikram immerses himself in farming. However, his life takes a thrilling turn when he confronts the corrupt village sarpanch, becoming a powerful advocate for justice and fighting for the rights of farmers with unwavering determination.

Bawaal – Prime Video

‘Bawaal’ guarantees a captivating and thought-provoking experience with its unique storyline. It revolves around Varun Dhawan, a young man from a humble background, who falls for Janhvi Kapoor, considered beyond his reach. The movie delves into their relationship dynamics and Varun’s quest to elevate his social status. Directed by Nitesh, it makes its debut on Amazon Prime Video this week. Don’t miss this compelling watch!

Trial Period – Jio Cinema

Get ready for Genelia Deshmukh’s upcoming JioCinema release, ‘Trial Period,’ where she explores the concept of searching for a father figure through a 30-day trial. Playing a single mother, her life takes a dramatic turn when her son insists on finding a father. This OTT film promises an engaging and captivating watch, offering an intriguing storyline filled with emotions and surprises. Don’t miss out on this unique and heartwarming experience hitting the screens this week.

They Cloned Tyrone – Netflix

In a world teeming with mystery and adventure, ‘They Cloned Tyrone’ follows the unfolding of unsettling incidents that compel an unexpected alliance of individuals to delve into a malevolent government conspiracy. Its captivating premise and enthralling plot ensure an audience’s undivided attention. The film is poised to be a blockbuster, and Netflix will make it available for streaming this week, adding to the anticipation and excitement surrounding this thrilling movie.

Maurh – Zee5

Amidst the tragedy of his brother’s demise (Dev Kharoud), Jeona Maurh (Ammy Virk) embarks on a path of vengeance. Determined to avenge his bandit sibling, he emerges as a symbol of hope for the people of Punjab. Taking a stand against the land tax mafia colluding with the king and British officials, Jeona Maurh becomes a formidable force. This Punjabi film features Dev Kharoud, Ammy Virk, Vikramjeet Virk, and Naiqra Kaur in significant roles, promising a powerful and engaging cinematic experience.

The Return (Kikyo) – MX Player

‘The Return’ is a captivating Japanese samurai drama that follows the journey of a sickly outlaw who, after three decades of wandering, comes back to his birthplace. Upon his return, he decides to save a girl in dire straits. With his hardened skills and a sense of duty rekindled, he embarks on a mission to protect the girl and confront the injustices that plague his hometown.

As the story unfolds, the ailing outlaw’s path becomes intertwined with the village’s fate, leading to a gripping tale of redemption, honor, and sacrifice. Watch ‘The Return’ streaming on MX Player in Hindi from 22nd July 2023.

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