Mukut Serial Star Cast – Shrabani Bhunia , Arghya Mitra, Sreeparna Roy, Ananda Ghosh, Subhashish Mukherjee

Zee Bangla Channel Latest Serial Mukut Story and Star Cast

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Leading Bengali GEC Zee Bangla Launching it’s Latest Serial Mukut from 27th March, Directed & Written by Snehasish Chakraborty. The Show Is Produced by Snehasish Chakraborty Under Blues Production and who is also the music director of this show. The character of Mukut has also been developed in similar mould which one would be able to identify with. The story reflects the channel ethos as it is deeply rooted to the traditions and cultures of Bengal. The actors are putting in great efforts in making each of the characters they are portraying real and relatable, said Samrat Ghosh, Chief Cluster Officer – East.

Zee Bangla All Set to Start the Show Mukut, starring Shrabani Bhunia and Arghya Mitra in the lead, from 27th March.


Mukut tells the story of a girl who was raised by her artisan father, who specialized in making Durga idols.Durga idols. She wondered why Maa Durga was armed with weapons because a mother overcomes all obstacles with love and warmth, not with weapons, bloodshed and violence. She gets married to Rayan, who is as a passionate advocate of social justice and fights against women trafficking.

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“In our new show, Mukut (Played by Shrabani Bhunia) , the protagonist is a young woman who has grown up in the heartlands of Bengal with strong ethics and values. Through her loving nature and presence of mind she has the capability of solving various societal obstacles that she sees happening around her. And if any uncontrollable situation arises she also has the ability to take up arms and face the problem head on. Zee Bangla, over the years, has presented strong women characters who have left a deep impact in the audience’s mind,” said Samrat Ghosh.

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With a goal of effecting change and improving the lives of marginalized individuals, he strives to raise awareness and inspire action through his work.Mukut’s life takes a drastic turn when a hard truth about her in-law’s family hits her. One of the family members is deeply involved in women trafficking. From here the story takes an interesting turn as Mukut’s journey of self-actualization as the lines between right and wrong are blurred by familial ties and relationships begins.

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