Mahakaali Challenges Mahadev In Devon Ke Dev Mahadev On Life OK

Parvati as Mhalsa becomes Maa Kaali to fight Mahadev as Aghora On Life OK 27th October 2013 at 8 P.M

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev
Devon Ke Dev Mahadev

Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev, the mythological epic that has constantly presented a fresher take on the life of Lord Shiva, now brings to screen the biggest war of all time. In the 27th October Mahaepisode, one will witness the Mahadev-Mahakaali face off.

In the current story track, Mahadev as Aghora along with Parvati in her human form as Mhalsa challenge Malla-Mani, played by Sudesh Berry. In the battle Mani pleads mukti through the hands of Mhalsa (Parvati) and she slays him instantly. At this point Mani goes mad and invokes Mahakaali and reminds her of her promise to protect him.

What follows is a battle of epic proportions where a raging Mahakaali charges towards Aghora. At this point Mahadev comes back in his true form and warns Mahakaali but that doesn’t stop her. She then in a fit of rage swallows Mahadev. Parvati then takes her widow roop of Dhoomvati.

Will Maa Kaali now in the roop of Dhoomvati let Mahadev go?

Catch the Mahadev Maha episode on 27th October, 8pm only on Life OK

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