Love Kills Madhumita Shukla Hatyakand on Discovery , First Episode – 5th of May at 10 PM

Discovery Channel Airing the First Episode Of Love Kills Madhumita Shukla Hatyakand

Love Kills Madhumita Shukla Hatyakand

Brace yourselves for another thrilling exploration into the depths of a true crime murder documentary as Discovery Channel gears up for the highly anticipated premiere of “Love Kills Madhumita Shukla Hatyakand“.

This gripping investigative docu-series is set to premiere on Discovery Channel on May 5th, 2024, offering viewers an unprecedented glimpse into the trivial 2003 murder of the young, poetess Madhumita Shukla at the hands of Amarmani Tripathi, UP’s foremost kingmaker and ‘Baahubali’ politician and her lover.

Love Kills Madhumita Shukla Hatyakand

The investigative docu-series encapsulates the viewer from the first episode by interviewing the individuals who were directly involved in the case at the time. Additionally, a conscious effort was made to shoot all the scenes in real locations.

This docu-series is also unique as almost all of it is portrayed in the first-person narrative of the investigating officers. This includes former Superintendent of Police (Crime) Rajesh Pandey, Senior Superintendent of Police Anil Aggarwal, former investigating officer Ajay Chaturvedi, government lawyer Raj Mohan Ram, and senior journalist Amita Verma. This docu-series is produced by Times Chronicles.

Don’t miss “Love Kills: Madhumita Shukla Hatyakand” on Discovery Channel to witness a true story of politics and murder. Catch the first episode on Sunday, 5th of May at 10 PM

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