Twits, Drama and Betrayals Prevail in the Latest Episodes of MTV Splitsvilla X5: ExSqueeze Me Please with Uorfi’s Secret Challenges!

Wildcards and Wildfires on MTV Splitsvilla X5: ExSqueeze Me Please! Mischief Maker Uorfi shakes up the villa with new secret challenges

MTV Splitsvilla X5 Latest Episodes
Latest Episodes Of MTV Splitsvilla X5

“Well, Mischief Maker hoon toh twists toh laungi hi. I am going to turn this game upside down” declares the Mischief Maker, Uorfi Javed in the latest episode of MTV Splitsvilla X5: ExSqueeze Me Please.

After the ‘Lit Lag Gai’ task, the couples walked in glamorous and ready for the Dome Session. Harsh, upset that he and Rushali weren’t voted as the Lit Couple, voiced his disappointment. Meanwhile, Shubhi accused Harsh of underperforming to be with Rushali, questioning their feelings due to Rushali’s recent breakup.

Sunny suspected Rushali of hiding something from the past. “Rushali, you two are whispering on this side, so then I have to ask you what the hell is going on!” Tanuj stirred the pot further by asking Shubhi about new connections, shocking everyone by hinting at Dev Karan, Lakshay, and Sachin.

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Chaos erupted when Akriti and Siwet accused Sachin of pitching to Shubhi, despite his commitment to Ishita. Deekila lost her cool, frustrated about not trying her luck with the Oracle, while Harsh and Rushali discovered they were no longer an ideal match, raising questions about the changing dynamics since Shubhi’s arrival and impact on their relationship.

While deals were being made for the dumping, Digvijay emerged as both a mastermind and a betrayer, scheming moves that resulted in Khanak and Yuvraj’s elimination. To stir things up the mischief box then brought in a wildcard, , flipping the villa dynamics and sparking fresh tension between Akriti and Sachin, and reviving unresolved issues from their past.

As a new day dawns, the Splitsvillains await messages from the King and Queen of Hearts, unaware of the Mischief Maker’s plans. Uorfi storms into the Love Den, vowing to unleash chaos with secret challenges. “Sabr ka phal meetha hota hai, par mera thoda teekha hota hai,” she declares, hinting at the mayhem ahead.

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Kashish is first, challenged to praise three guys’ physiques while dissing Addy. Starting with Jashwanth, she sparks a jealous rage, igniting a fight between Jashwanth and Akriti. Next, Anicka is called in, learning Lakshay has a new connection. Uorfi tasks her with convincing Lakshay that Shubhi isn’t right for him, all in front of her own connection, Siwet, setting the stage for drama.

Arbaz admits power is crucial for him. Uorfi challenges him to tell Nayera they can’t be together since they’re not an Ideal Match and then asks another girl to be his Ideal Match right in front of Nayera, causing conflict and tears. Finally, Harsh is tasked with provoking fights with Jashwanth, Siwet, and Addy, creating chaos throughout the villa.

The day ends with Uorfi revealing the winners and losers of her mischievous challenges, delivering a final shock that leaves everyone reeling. Will old connections break while new ones squeeze in?

Stay tuned for the drama and mayhem brought on by these secret tasks on MTV Splitsvilla X5: ExSqueeze Me Please Saturday, Sunday at 7pm on MTV and JioCinema simultaneously.

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