Jai Shri Ram , A Devotional Musical Tribute to Celebrate the Grand Launch of Shri Ram Mandir

Watch Jai Shri Ram an exclusive YouTube Channel by Ultra Music dedicated to the life of Lord Shri Ram covering all the 7 Kandas by Valmiki Ramayana

Jai Shri Ram
Jai Shri Ram

The Channel is currently streaming engaging devotional & melodious content in the forms of Bhakti Geets, Bhajans, Jaaps, Mantras, Dohas & Stutis majorly dedicated to Lord Ram. All of them are sung by renowned Devotional Singers from India. Amongst them, Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota, Tripti Shakya & Vivek Prakash will be performing their songs from the album live at the Shri Ram Temple as a part of the Celebrations

The soulful melodies take you on a spiritual journey serving as a source of inspiration & reflection marking the beginning of a new chapter in history dedicated to Lord Ram, Jai Shri Ram.

Shri Ram Mandir Grand Launch

To keep the content engaging & non-monotonous, they are spread across various Musical Video formats. There are live song & dance performances, and moving still images in regular & animated formats with their respective voiceovers & lyrics. There is a special section exclusively dedicated to songs & other devotional content around the inauguration of Shri Ram Mandir & the installation of Ram Lalla idol in it. There will be a constant addition of new content every day for the next 6 months in the channel

One of the key highlights of the Channel is the new version of “Ramcharitmanas” in Jai Shri Ram, Awadhi language sung by the famous Bhajan Singer Kamlesh Upadhyay Haripuri & composed by Kritika Soni. Retaining the original essence of Sant Tulisdas ji, this version is a new rendition narrated in a Contemporary style to resonate with viewers of all age groups. It is spread across more than 300 episodes of 12 minutes each which will give an audio-visual narration of Lord Rama’s life, which viewers can see in parts as per their convenience & schedule.

Jai Shri Ram

Another added attraction is the “Shri Ram Jaap” & “Tulsi Ki Ramayan Bole” sung by Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota, which reinforces how Lord Rama was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It appeals to viewers to imbibe Lord Ram’s personality, beliefs, and value system in their daily lives & become successful.

A Topical “Shri Ram Bal Roop Mein Aaye Hai” is a melodious music video exclusively dedicated to the celebration of the historic occasion of the commencement of Ram Mandir. It evokes the listener to be a part of that journey which is a symbol of Cultural & Spiritual Unity. It is sung by Ashish Pandey & the music is composed by Sonu Sagar

Ultra Music YouTube Channel

“Avadh Kare Abhinandan” a melodious heart-touching Ram Bhajan by Tripti Shakya earnestly requests the viewers to experience the Mahima of Lord Rama & surrender their soul to the great lord. Jai Shri Ram Music is composed by Sonu Sagar & lyrics by Kuldeep Pandey

There also are various “Shri Ram Stutis” sung by many melodious singers. All are written by Tulisdas ji from his work Vinaya Patrika in Sanskrit & Awadhi languages in the 16th Century

Another forthcoming attraction is the heart-rendering composition “Shi Ram Ki Madhushala” by Vivek Prakash. In this, the poet & the singer pray to Lord Rama & Jai Hanuman on how they are the mightiest in this world. His constant pleas to the gods to churn the “Amrut Jam” continuously for bettering the lives of their devotees.

There also are other user-friendly options on the channel like Shorts & Reels with tailor-made devotional content for viewers to watch the videos in an edited & condensed format .

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