Indrani Serial Actors – Popular Actress Ankita Chakraborty To Play The Titular Role

Colors Bangla Launches An Unconventional Love Story With Indrani

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Colors Bangla Channel Latest Show Indrani Premieres on 18th July at 08.00 PM, Ankita Chakraborty Doing the Title Role. “Age is no barrier. It is a limitation you put on your mind.” Love will transcend all barriers and will mutate into a force to reckon with and beat all odds. But we live in a traditional society set-up which expects the woman to be younger than the man in a relationship. The equation is seen in a newer light if the woman is older than the man.

But is age just a number? Will the society accept such relationship? Will love transcend all barriers? Coming up with such thought is Colors Bangla’s new unconventional love story of Indrani and Aditya. It is a tale of love between an older woman and a much younger man. Produced by Shashi Sumeet, special partner Dear Lotteries, Indhrani will go on air from 18th July Every day at 08.00 PM on Colors Bangla.

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Indrani Serial Star Cast – Ankita Chakraborty , Rahul Ganguly , Sambhabi, Soma Chakraborty, Bikash Bhowmik, Papiya Adhikari, Sarbani Chatterjee

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Indraani (Played by Ankita Chakraborty) an ex-surgeon is the chief administrative officer in a city hospital who balances both her professional and personal life. In the absence of her husband, she takes care of her in laws. Aditya (played by debutant Rahul Ganguly

) is a doctor in the same hospital who is arrogant, indiscipline, straightforward and breaks norms. Life takes an interesting turn when Aditya falls in love with Indrani who is way older than him.

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Despite Indhrani’s rejection, he does not give up and continues in his pursuit of love. Set in contemporary times, will Indraani accept this relationship? The show boasts of a stellar star cast including Soma Chakraborty, Bikash Bhowmick, Sambhabi, Sumanta Mukherjee and Arijit Chowdhury amongst others. Watch this pathbreaking tale of love between Aditya and Indhrani in Colors Bangla’s new show Indrani starting 18th July every day at 8.00 pm!!

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