Gurudev Hoysala Movie Premier on Star Suvarna, on The Occasion of Independence Day On this August 13, Sunday at 6:00 PM

Star Suvarna Independence Day Movie Premier Gurudev Hoysala

Gurudev Hoysala Movie Premier
ಗುರುದೇವ್ ಹೊಯ್ಸಳ

Star Suvarna , which is always innovating to entertain the audience, is now all set to telecast the Suvarna World Premiere movie Gurudev Hoysala starring  Dhananjay in Lead Role. This movie will be released on television on the occasion of Independence Day.

Gurudev Hoysala is the most loyal and powerful police officer of the town. The main story of this movie is how Gurudev succeeds in preventing land mafia by politicians and gangsters. This is not just an ordinary police villain story but also a beautiful story involving language-ground.

Independence Day Premiers

The movie Gurudev Hoisala has Dhananjay as the hero and Amrita Iyengar as the heroine. Besides, Achyut Kumar, Naveen Shankar, Avinash, Rajesh Nataranga, Nagabhushan and many other artists have acted. This movie, which has been successful in theaters, will come to your home theater for the first time through television.

In this regard, Star Suvarna  is all set to give a gift to the audience. Watch the movie ‘Gurudev Hoysala‘ on TV, answer 2 simple questions correctly and win a 43 inch LED TV.

Suvarna World Premiere Movie “Gurudev Hoysala” is coming to your home on the occasion of Independence Day, don’t miss to watch it on Sunday 13th August at 6.00 pm on your favorite channel ‘Star Suvarna’.

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