10 Years Leap in Udho Udho Shri Renuka Yellamma Serial – Mahati as Renuka and Ananaya Mysur as Yellamma

Mahati as Renuka and Ananaya Mysore as Yellamma in Udho Udho Shri Renuka Yellamma Serial

Udho Udho Shri Renuka Yellamma Serial
Udho Udho Shri Renuka Yellamma Serial

On Kannada television, Star Suvarna Channel has been giving viewers stories based on mythology, spirituality and values. The serial “Udho Udho Sri Renuka Yallamma” which is currently airing on the channel is going well with the audience. Now the serial is going to have many exciting twists and turns with the new chapter.

This serial which started with the legendary plot of real Kannada soil has been creating a new sensation on television since its inception. The children who brought life to the characters of Renuke and Yallamma acted brilliantly and became a household name among the fans but now in the story Renuka-Yallamma are moving from childhood to youth.

Udho Udho Shri Renuka Yellamma

What will happen after 10 years in Renuka-Yalamma’s life who have been facing difficulties since childhood? How much more trouble can one have to face from the wicked? Will the flower of love bloom in the lives of these two? When will Renuka and Jamadagni’s wedding take place? How will the two forces of the Devi element unite for the welfare of the world and for the destruction of evil? is the next exciting storyline of this serial.

The shooting of the new chapter has already started, Mahathi as Renuke and Ananya Mysore as Yallamma. The promos of the telecasted serial have succeeded in impressing the audience with the superbly designed sets and graphics.

Renuka-Yallamma has come with new enthusiasm to face new challenges.”Udho Udho Sri Renuka Yallamma” Watch it on your Star Suvarna Channel from this Monday at 8.30 PM.

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