Farhana on SonyLIV (7 July) , Sweet Kaaram Coffee On Prime Video (6 July) – New Tamil Movie OTT Releases This Week

Tamil Movie OTT Releases This Week – Aishwarya Rajesh Starer Farhana on SonyLIV

Farhana OTT Release Date
ஃபர்ஹானா திரைப்படம்

SonyLIV Start the Online Streaming of Tamil Movie Farhana from 07th July, Aishwarya Rajesh as Farhana and Jithan Ramesh as Kareem Playing the Lead Roles in the Film. Film is written and directed by Nelson Venkatesan, Produced by S.R. Prakash Babu and S. R. Prabhu of Dream Warrior Pictures. Selvaraghavan, Raja Krishnamoorthy, Aishwarya Dutta as Sofia, Sakthi, Anumol Are in Support Star Cast of Farhaana Movie.


Driven by the desire to support her family, Farhana, a middle-class mother, secures employment in a contact center. However, lured by the prospect of greater earnings, she ventures into a riskier division, oblivious to the dangers that lie ahead.

As Farhana delves deeper into this treacherous pursuit, she becomes entangled in a hazardous situation, jeopardizing not only her own life but also the well-being of her family. In this captivating narrative, the choices made by Farhana and the resulting consequences shed light on the sacrifices and perils associated with the pursuit of financial stability.

Sweet Kaaram Coffee On Prime Video

Sweet Kaaram Coffe OTT Release Amazon Prime
ஸ்வீட காரம் காபி

In the empowering story of “Sweet Kaaram Coffee,” three women of different generations find themselves sharing a home, determined to break free from the limitations imposed on them. Together, they embark on a thrilling journey of self-discovery and growth, challenging the societal norms that have held them back.

As they take bold steps forward, their lives become a captivating adventure filled with learning, resilience, and newfound independence. This heartwarming tale celebrates the strength and spirit of these women as they pave their own paths towards a brighter future.

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