Dil Diyaan Gallaan Update – Will Mandeep win back the trust of his family by saving his mother

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Dil Diyaan Gallaan Written
दिल दियां गल्लां सीरियल

Sony SAB TV’s Dil Diyaan Gallaan, is an emotionally packed story of a family torn apart by misunderstood circumstances, hurt emotions, and inherent beliefs. The show brings to light how unspoken words lead to differences between three generations.

In the upcoming episodes, the viewers will witness a vulnerable side of Sanjot (Jasjeet Babbar) when she meets her son Mandeep (Sandeep Baswana) after twenty-five years. Her happiness is short-lived and soon turns into distress when the villagers’ demand her son’s last rites since he broke the promise of opening a hospital in the village neighbourhood.

Dil Diyaan Gallaan Written Episodes

This week’s episodes will keep the audiences on edge of their seats as they will witness Sanjot intervening to protect her son Mandeep. Heartbroken as the villagers instigating her husband Dilpreet (Pankaj Berry) to break all ties with his son by performing his last rites, Sanjot plans to seek divine intervention. She decides to visit a gurdwara and pray for her son’s safety, however collapses along the way.

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What will happen to Sanjot? Will Mandeep reach on time and save the day in Dil Diyaan Gallaan?

Jasjeet Babbar, portraying the character of Sanjot said, “My character Sanjot is at a crucial stage in her life, at one end she is happy that she is finally reuniting with her son after twenty-five years, and at the other end is extremely upset with the way the villagers are treating him.

This week, she will be undergoing a complex wave of emotions and the villagers’ demand will be the last straw to her calmness. Such intense scenes bring out the best in an actor and helps one grow as an artiste. I can assure you that the coming episodes of the show will take the viewers on a roller coaster journey!”

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