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Udaya TV Serial Kasthuri Nivas Update – Chandru is joining family as Vasishta

Chandru is joining family as Vasishta
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Kasthuri Nivasa successfully completed 250 episodes and with twists and turns in the storyline kept the audience glued to Udaya TV. The show emphasis the emotional attachment of a daughter in law with her mother in law, Mother-Daughter relation, mother and son affection towards each other and in this generation of Nuclear family this show enhances value and Happiness of being together as a joint family.

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Change is the only constant thing, after lockdown story is getting spiced up with new characters. Chandru is joining this Kasthuri Nivasa family as Vasishta. Mother in law and Daughter in Law’s bonding strengthened; love brought Mridula and Raghava together. During this happy moment when things were falling in place, and it was time to spill the beans that Mridula is the daughter of Madhuri, Vasishta is making his entry to give the story a different turn.

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With this role Chandru is happy to make his come back to small screen and also shared his excitement to play the role of Vasishta and audience can expect major twists with his entry in the serial which can be seen in the coming kannada tv serial episodes of Kasthuri Nivasa. Will Mother and Daughter come together? Will the storm between Raghava and Mridula break them apart? With all this exciting episodes

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