Kasthuri Nivasa udaya tv serial launching on 9th September at 6.30 P.M

every monday to saturday at 6.30 p.m is the telecast time of udaya tv kasthuri nivasa serial

Udaya TV is all set to present a show which goes out to say the every individual has to Respect the old traditions and adapt new visions. The show is titled with a very popular name Kasthuri Nivasa which is all set to air from Sept 9th Monday to Saturday at 6:30 pm. Udaya TV has won lot of accolades for its shows like Nandini, Kaveri, Nayaki and the recent super hit serial Naanu Nanna Kanasu. sun nxt app will stream all the latest episodes of this udaya tv show.

Kasthuri nivasa online episodes
Kasthuri nivasa online episodes


From September 9th Udaya TV is presenting Kasthuri Nivasa to the audience. This show presents two sides, one way there is Parvthi who believes in traditions, superstitions and customs, on the other side there is Mrudhula who is joyful and happy go lucky kinds and believes in modern values. The story revolves these two characters and how these two different poles stay under the same roof becomes the crux of the serial.


Varsha is acting as Mrudhula and popular actress Asha Rani is coming on screen as very strict Kasthuri textiles owner Parvathi. Unlike other shows, lead heroine of the show is very joyful, straight forward and daring girl who believe in traditions but with a modern touch. She opposes the beliefs that are pressurized on women like woman should know cooking, woman should not work likewise. The exact contrast character is Parvathi who is strict and lives in her own boundaries, everyone in her family is scared of her and her rules of the house. The show also has funny ride with many other characters in the show.

cast and crew of kasuri nivasa udaya tv serial
cast and crew of kasuri nivasa udaya tv serial

one more important aspect of the serial is lead actor, Dileep shetty who is playing the role of Raghav in the show, his dream is to become a fashion designer but his only trait in life is he fails to oppose his mother. Will he follow his dreams? will he listen to his soul? answer lies in the interesting episodes of Kasthuri Nivasa.
Mussanje Mahesh hold the captain cap of the show; Devi studios is producing it. Popular Kannada actress Jayashree is the producer of the show.

Veteran actor Jai Jagadeesh is doing an important role in the show. His character portrays a role model father to audience. Also the show has many other talented artists like Sitara , Rajgopal Joshi,Rruthu and many others. Kasturi Nivas is getting launched on Sept 9th, 2019. It airs from Monday to Saturday at 6.30PM Only on Udaya TV.

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