Aakash Ahuja Joins the cast of Serial Badall Pe Paon Hai , to Play a Grounded and Content Character Rajat Khanna

Star Cast of Serial Badall Pe Paon Hai on Sony SAB – Rajat Khanna Role Played by Aakash Ahuja

Aakash Ahuja - Rajat Khanna
Rajat Khanna Role Played by Actor Aakash Ahuja

Sony SAB’s upcoming show ‘Badall Pe Paon Hai’ narrates the story of Baani, a hard-working Punjabi girl played by Amandeep Sidhu. Baani is full of ambition and determination, dreaming big not just for herself but to improve her family’s life despite the limitations they face.

Opposite Amandeep Sidhu, the talented actor Aakash Ahuja steps into the character of Rajat Khanna. Rajat hails from a modest background and is a down-to-earth, simple guy. Contrary to Baani, Rajat is content with the simple pleasures of life and is satisfied with what he has.

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Aakash Ahuja – Rajat Khanna

While running a small business, his main focus is ensuring the happiness and well-being of his loved ones. It will be interesting for viewers to watch these two different individuals cross paths and navigate each other’s contrasting beliefs.

Akash Ahuja, who will be essaying the character of Rajat Khanna said, “I’m super excited to be a part of Badall Pe Paon Hai. The show’s concept is inspiring as Baani, a small-town girl remains determined to pursue her dreams against all odds.

Badall Pe Paon Hai Actors Name

It’s a powerful message that ambition knows no boundaries, and everyone deserves the chance to chase their dreams. Playing Rajat, a down-to-earth and relatable character, feels like second nature to me. I see a lot of myself in Rajat, as he’s just an ordinary guy with simple values. I can’t wait for viewers to finally watch our show and discover the world of Badall Pe Paon Hai.”

Badall Pe Paon Hai Serial
Badall Pe Paon Hai Serial

Tune in to watch Badall Pe Paon Hai on Sony SAB from 10th June, Mon-Sat at 7.30 PM

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