Actress Aayushi Bhave Speaks on the Pros and Cons of Being Married to Someone in the Same Field

Suyash has made sure that nothing has changed after we got married” says Aayushi Bhave

Actress Aayushi Bhave
Actress Aayushi Bhave

“Suyash is my pillar of strength” says, Aayushi Bhave from Star Bharat’s show 10:29 Ki Aakhri Dastak discussing the dynamics of being married to someone from same field. Actress Aayushi Bhave who’ll be soon seen in Star Bharat’s upcoming supernatural thriller 10:29 Ki Aakhri Dastak as ‘Bindu’ recently opened up about the dynamics of her marriage with fellow actor Suyash Tilak, highlighting both the advantages and challenges of sharing the same profession.

“I’m immensely grateful that I’ve married a man like Suyash. I couldn’t have imagined my life with anyone else,” Aayushi expressed with heartfelt sincerity. “He has been my constant support and my pillar of strength in my every step of life.”

Aayushi Bhave

Aayushi emphasized the mutual understanding that comes from both being actors, which helps them navigate the unique demands of their careers. “Suyash is very understanding when it comes to spending or giving time because we both are in the same profession, so we both understand the need of this profession.

Sometimes when he is shooting, I’m free and when I’m shooting, he is free, so it becomes difficult to give each other that much time. But luckily, since we both are actors, we understand that it’s a part and parcel of our job.”

10:29 Ki Aakhri Dastak

She candidly discussed the primary challenge they face: time management. “Every profession has a con and a pro, and in our case, it’s the same – ‘Time’. However, Suyash has made sure that nothing has changed after we got married. In fact, my in-laws too are very supportive and I’m very grateful to have met Suyash and have him as my life partner.”

Aayushi’s reflections offer a glimpse into the balance of personal and professional life for couples in the entertainment industry, underlining the importance of understanding and support in making such relationships thrive.

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