Where Tigers Rule – From 1st March at 8.00 P.M On Animal Planet

Where Tigers Rule – Animal Planet Celebrates India’s National Animal Tiger

Where Tigers Rule
Where Tigers Rule

Bollywood actors Abhay Deol and Chitrangada Singh join support. Animal Planet will bring the country’s attention on India’s majestic animal – Tiger – with its special month-long programming initiative Where Tigers Rule.

Leading Bollywood actors Abhay Deol and Chitrangada Singh have joined India’s leading wildlife channel Animal Planet to create nationwide awareness on the threats affecting tigers’ survival and the acute role tigers play in balancing India’s ecosystem.

From the breathtaking landscapes of Sundarbans to the magnificent forests of Ranthambore, WHERE TIGERS RULE provides an intimate look into the mysterious world of tigers. Featuring some of the leading tiger experts like Alphonse Roy, Valmik Thapar, Saba Douglas Hamilton, Dave Salmoni, Simon King, John Varty, Niall McCann, WHERE TIGERS RULE showcases the elusive lifestyle of tigers and raise concern about the grave situation of dwindling tiger population.

With a few thousand tigers left in the wild, every small effort represents hope for their survival. Through this engaging month-long line-up, Animal Planet’s Where Tigers Rule highlights the secret lives of this private predator revealing its behaviour, predatory skills, conflict with humans, habitat destruction, poaching and conservation issues.

Where Tigers Rule will air every night at 8 PM from 1st to 31st March, only on Animal Planet.

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