International Tiger Day with exciting Tiger related documentaries on Discovery Plus

Discovery Plus App Specials – Celebrate International Tiger Day

International Tiger Day is celebrated on 29th July every year to raise awareness about the conservation of tigers and to acknowledge some of the greatest works done towards tiger conservation. Learn more about this species with these exciting titles streaming on Discovery Plus App!

Battle Castles With Dan Snow
Battle Castles With Dan Snow

The Tiger Who Crossed The Line

The show is an exploration into the lives of the tigers and the forest spaces they live in, which are outside the tiger reserves. These spaces are less protected, have human presence and have increasing development pressures on them. How do these tigers survive?

Tigers: Looking For Sultan

Wildlife enthusiasts venture out in search of a tiger named Sultan, the ruler of the Sultanpur jungles, who has been missing for some time.


International Tiger Day
International Tiger Day

Tigerland is the Oscar-winning feature on two passionate activists who made it their mission to save the beloved and often misunderstood majestic tigers.

Decoding the Man Eaters of Sundarbans

The tiger of the Sundarbans mangroves is truly an enigma. The film follows a team of scientists that is making a rare attempt to study these tigers. Will they be able to decode its many mysteries and legends?

Living With Maneaters

Travels across India to meet people who struggle to live with fabled and dangerous big cats: leopards, tigers, and lions. Personal passion, ancient traditions and new ideas come together to solve one of humanity’s oldest conflicts.

Tigress Blood

Tigress Blood is a coming-of-age story of four sister Indian tigers as they battle each other for control of their homeland. Instinct tears them apart. Blood ties them together.

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