Vijay Serial Neeli has reached a high point – Every Monday to Friday at 8 pm

Vijay Serial Neeli Turning Point

Vijay Serial Neeli Story
Vijay Serial Neeli Story

One popular fantasy serial airing in Vijay television is Neeli. It is aired every Monday to Friday at 8 pm. The serial Neeli revolves around the girl Abi and her mother’s spirit possessed in a doll to protect Abi. Neeli protects Abi from all the threats, especially from Rekha, the step mother of Abi.

It is first of its kind in Tamil serial industry where a toy is used as a character with high level graphics like 3D modelling, Visual effects were used for the motion of Toy. Now the serial has reached a high point. Rekha feels the existence of a Supernatural power protecting Abi. And she comes to know that Abi’s mother Divya is protecting her. Rekha unaware of the fact that divya has possessed abi’s beloved doll Neeli. So Rekha tries to find out the medium which divya has possessed.

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Rekha tries to kill Abi, so that Divya will come to save her beloved daughter. As rekha expected, divya saves abi from all her attempts without revealing her identity or medium. So Rekha plans to push Abi from a mountain cliff, hoping that either Abi will be dead or Divya will save her revealing her as Neeli. The episode will end on a suspense note whether Divya will save Abi in the form of Neeli. An Unexpected twist is awaiting to this question.

This upcoming week, it is going to be a nail biting situation for the viewers. So, Don”t miss to watch Neeli!

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