Little Genius 2.O, new Quiz show On Vijay TV from 12th February at 12.00 P.M

Quiz Show Little Genius 2.O On Vijay TV Every Sunday at 12.00 PM

Little Genius 2.O On Vijay TV
Little Genius 2.O On Vijay TV

Vijay Television is all set to launch a quiz show titled Little genius 2.O . It’s a show pertaining to school kids and its slated to get launched from February 12th onwards. Little  Genius 2.O is a fun filled quiz show for school students from class six till eight. The best teams were chosen across various cities of Tamil Nadu like Chennai, Pondicherry, Trichy, Madurai and Coimbatore. In each episode, two teams from different schools will compete. A team will have five students representing their school.


Little genius is not just a regular quiz show, it’s something beyond it. There will be four different rounds to test the knowledge of the students. These are the four rounds- Tamilodu Vilayadu, All in all Arivali, Who is the hero? and True or False round.The host for the show will be Mr. Bhargav Ramakrishnan, a renowned standup comedian, who has done lot of stage shows. Bhargav is a theatre professional with 8+ years of experience and has done over 200 shows. He has directed The 39 Steps – a comic adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock movie which was nominated for 8 national awards.

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லிட்டில் ஜீனியஸ் 2.0

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Apart from him, there will be a co-host to support him on the sets. This co-host will be seen encouraging and relaxing the contestants with its sarcastic remarks. And the best part, the co-host is a Robot named Genius. The Robot- Genius is customized by a robotics institute called Kidobotikz. To operate this genius, two technical operators have been assigned to control Genius’ every move and mannerisms. Get ready to get captivated by the adorable Genius robot and the intellectual school kids. Watch Little Genius show from February 12th onwards, every Sunday at 12pm. Don’t miss it!

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