The Mind Control Freaks – Starting 27 July 2014 at 8 pm Only On Discovery Channel

The Mind Control Freaks – Revealing The Inner Mechanics of The Human Mind

The Mind Control Freaks
The Mind Control Freaks

Get ready to be exposed to the reality of the most familiar, interesting topic of the world – US! Discovery Channel has announced the launch of The Mind Control Freaks – the series exposing the vastness of the mind and the power to control minds’ vulnerability. The series introduces four new experts to Discovery Channel exposing the viewers to the inner mechanics of the human mind. The professionals will do things unimaginable and unbelievable to audience – see it to believe it on The Mind Control Freaks.

The 10-part series premieres Every Monday to Friday Starting 27 July 2014 at 8 pm Only on Discovery Channel.

The Mind Control Freaks reveals to you the fragile and vulnerable mind and how through manipulation it can be controlled leaving you defenseless – Using a range of techniques and tricks playing with the power of suggestion, hypnosis and psychological control.

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