Start Music Season 4 Tamil Launching on Sunday, 26 March at 08:00 PM on Vijay TV

Every Sunday at 08:00 PM on Vijay TV, The Music Based Reality Show – Start Music Season 4 Tamil

Start Music Season 4 Tamil
ஸ்டார்ட் மியூசிக் சீசன் 4

Star Vijay TV’s Most Watched Show Start Music Is All Set To Launch Its Fresh And Brand-new 4th Season With Exciting New Rounds This Sunday At 8 PM, 26 March 2023. The Shows Will Be Aired Every Sunday At 08:00 PM.

This show Start Music Season 4, is even more familiar with the viewers as the first three seasons have attracted viewers. The show was a super-duper hit amongst viewers which paved way for numerous season one after the other.

This game show consists of two celebrity teams (3 persons per team). These two teams compete in music-based games. There are various interesting rounds that relates to music and songs. In each round certain amount of prize money are given to the teams. At the end of the competitive rounds, the winning team can take away a whopping prize money and gifts.

Start Music Season 4 Tamil Rounds

Sound Party – It is a buzzer round. BGM will be played, and the teams should find out the song within 30 seconds. The winning team will send one member from their team to the Vault room. In the vault room, four podiums are kept with a notification of different denominations of prize money (zero, 100, 500 & a lakh rupee). The game player cannot see which one has what denominations. He must choose it blindly based upon the clues that his team-mates try to give him from outside the vault room through a LED screen.

Similarly, other rounds such as Bioscope, Olunga Paadu illana spray adichiduven etc., are equally creative and fun-filled to make the show fascinating. The show is hosted by none other than Priyanka Deshpande.

The launch episode of Start Music Season 4will have prominent participants from ‘Bhakyalatchumi’ (popular serial on Star Vijay) team namely Suchithra, Reshma, Rithika, Divya, Vikas & Kambam Meena.

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