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Schedule of Bengali Channel Star Jalsha HD

It’s the very first channel in this language , started along with Jalsha Movies HD few years back. This is the second popular gec in west bengal, zee network leading at top position. Jalsha channel movies listed at 3rd slot, Zee Bangla Cinema and Colors Bangla other major players. Programs are same as of parent channel, it’s airing with high definition and available through leading dth/cable platforms.

Dhrubotara serial telecast time star jalsha hd channel
ধ্রুবতারা সিরিয়াল

Current Schedule

Time Star Jalsha HD Program
07:00 AM Radha Krishna
07:30 AM Joy Gopal
08:00 AM Khorkuto
08:30 AM Guddi
09:00 AM Aalta Phoring
09:30 AM Bouma Ekghor
10:00 AM Joy Gopal
10:30 AM Gatchhawra
11:00 AM Gangaram
11:30 AM Godhuli Aalap
12:00 PM Guddi Time in Star Jalsha HD
12:30 PM Anurager Chhowa
01:00 PM Saheber Chithi
01:30 PM Radha Krishna
02:00 PM Khorkuto
02:30 PM Aalta Phoring
03:00 PM Gatchhawra
03:30 PM Mon Phagun
04:00 PM Dhulokona
04:30 PM Aay Tobe Sohochori
05:00 PM Khelaghor
05:30 PM Guddi
06:00 PM Godhuli Aalap
06:30 PM Saheber Chithi in Star Jalsha HD
07:00 PM Gatchhawra
07:30 PM Aalta Phoring
08:00 PM Dhulokona
08:30 PM Mon Phagun
09:00 PM Aay Tobe Sohochori
09:30 PM Anurager Chhowa
10:00 PM Gangaram
10:30 PM Bouma Ekghor
11:00 PM Joy Gopal
11:30 PM Godhuli Aalap
Star Jalsha HD Logo
Star Jalsha HD

Ekhane Aakash Neel at 5.30 PM – Story of Ujan and Hiya is the main plot of this Bengali tv serial. Hotstar App streaming online Episodes of Ekhane Aakash Neel. Star jalsha and hd showing the show at same time.

Sanjher Baati at 6.00 PM – Story of a village girl named Charu, is envied by her stepmother and stepsister who put her through hardships. she gets married to Arjoman and changed her life.

Durga Durgeswari at 6.30 PM – Durga is the central character and An evil astrologer’s devices are threatened after her entry to the village.

Sreemoyee at 7.00 PM – most second popular show in trp rating chart, story of a hard working women and her struggles. She is a wonderful homemaker, but not getting appreciations from others.

Ke Apon Ke Por at 7.30 PM – Highest trp rated star jalsha hd channel program telling the story of Koyel and Rahul. Handling a love subject, popular among bengali television viewers.

Mohor at 8.00 PM – Mohor, an ambitious girl, runs away from her arranged marriage and comes to a big city to study. Things take a different turn when she is refused by the college administration.

Star Jalsha HD Programs

Kapal Kundala at 8.30 PM – Kapalkundala saves Naba Kumar from the clutches of an evil sage, hotstar app updating online videos of the show daily.

Kora Pakhi at 9.00 PM – Story of a tribal girl named Amon, aspires to become a successful journalist in a leading Kolkata newspaper. her life changed when Ankur meets , running successfully with good trp ratings. Star Jalsha serial Ishti Kutum remade into malayalam as Neelakuyil on Asianet.

Guddi Serial Star Jalsha

Dhrubotara at 9.30 PM – two childhood friends are about to confess their love for each other, a man with considerable clout suggests the girl marry him to save her family business.

Mahapeeth Tarapeeth at 10.00 PM – Mythology television serial about the story of Goddess Sati gives up on her life, Lord Vishnu decimates her body.

Chuni Panna at 10.30 PM – Handling a comedy subject, Chuni aspires to be a ghost hunter she grows up to marry Nirbhik, who lives in a haunted house with a ghost called Panna.

Shaheber Chithi Serial Online
সাহেবের চিঠি

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