Shastri Sisters – Every Monday to Saturday at 7.00 PM Only On Colors

Premiere Of Shastri Sisters, This Monday, 21 July 2014 at 7.00 PM Only On Colors

Shastri Sisters
Shastri Sisters

The premiere episode of Shastri Sisters will see the introduction of four sisters – Alka, Anushka, Devyani and Peeya. Mr. Narayan Shastri has to shift base to Delhi from Kanpur owing to his job transfer, however, this decision of his is not very well received by all his daughters. His eldest daughter Alka doesn’t want to go to Delhi as she has found someone special in Kanpur. Same is the case for his youngest daughter, the very shy and timid Peeya, who does not want to leave her current existence and move to a big city.

The second daughter Anushka is neutral and supports her father in his decision. But the happiest of them all is the third daughter Devyani who thinks this is the biggest opportunity life has presented her. Mr. Shastri moves to Delhi and asks his daughters to follow the suit as soon as he figures out an accommodation there. Will Alka leave the love of her life back in Kanpur and move to Delhi?

To know more, do tune into the premiere episode of “Shastri Sisters”, starting from July 21, every Monday to Saturday at 7pm only on COLORS!

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