Sony SAB TV Serial Badall Pe Paon Hai Launching on 10 June at 07:30 PM, Amandeep Sidhu as Baani

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Serial Badall Pe Paon Hai
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As the highly anticipated launch of Sony SAB’s ‘Badall Pe Paon Hai’ draws near, audiences are set to be hooked by the simple yet vibrant world of Baani, brought to life by the talented Amandeep Sidhu. Helmed by Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta, the show is set in the backdrop of Punjab and presents the story of Baani, a young and hardworking girl brimming with life and resilience, who refuses to accept the limitations life has imposed on her.

“Like my character Baani, I share a strong sense of ambition” says Amandeep Sidhu on her new show, Sony SAB’s ‘Badall Pe Paon Hai’

Ahead of the launch of the show, Amandeep opens up about the show’s unique theme, the experience of shooting in Chandigarh, her prep for portraying an unusual character like Baani, and more.

Amandeep Sidhu as Baani

1. Can you tell us about your character Baani in Badall Pe Paon Hai?

Baani is truly one of a kind. She is a simple small-town girl who doesn’t accept the idea of living with limited means. She truly believes that even though life has given her limited resources, she doesn’t have to live with it and it is in her hands to make her and her family’s life better. She believes in making her destiny and writing her own script. These were some of her traits that made me fall in love with Baani right from the start. Also, I could resonate with Baani entirely. She is emotional and driven by her dreams, just like I am in real life.

2. What was it about Badall Pe Paon Hai that resonated with you and made you say yes to the role of Baani? What do you believe sets Baani apart from other characters?

What drew me to Badall Pe Paon Hai was Baani’s never say die attitude, which resonated deeply with me. Like Baani, I share a strong sense of ambition, not just for myself, but for the betterment of my family as well. Baani’s willingness to do anything for her family and go to any lengths to achieve that is what sets her apart from other characters. Baani serves as an inspiration, refusing to accept the limitations life has imposed on her.

3. As an actor, what challenges did you face in portraying Baani, and how did you prepare for this role?

Badall Pe Paon Hai Serial Star Cast

Portraying Baani has been one of my most challenging roles to date. She comes from a family that has very little financial resources and has seen her family struggle all her life. She takes it upon herself to resolve these problems with a hardworking and hopeful approach.

She is not someone who is is greedy, but she definitely aspires to provide a better life for her family as she believes that their destiny can be changed with hard work and perseverance. For me playing Baani required continuous learning and exploration. Getting into this mindset and acquiring the never say die attitude was an inspiring experience. I am enjoying portraying Baani and I am hopeful the audience will love to watch her too.

4. The show Badall Pe Paon Hai is set in Punjab and as a Punjabi yourself, do you relate more to characters with this cultural backdrop?

Being a Sardarni, it certainly is a bonus for me to be part of a Punjab-based show like this. The mannerisms, accent, and the nuances come naturally to me. I am familiar with the culture, and I believe that familiarity made it easier for me to connect with the character and storyline.

Badall Pe Paon Hai Serial Heroine
Badall Pe Paon Hai Serial Heroine

Amandeep Sidhu New Serial

5. How is your experience of shooting in Chandigarh?

Honestly, I was a bit apprehensive about moving my base to Chandigarh, while I knew this was going to be challenging, I was ready for this experience, wholeheartedly. We have been filming for over a month now and it has been a genuinely great experience. We have shot scenes in real locations and fields to bring out the authenticity of the region and I am really enjoying shooting at these locations.

6. In the promos of the show, we see Baani stepping into the world of the stock market. What can viewers expect from this aspect of the storyline?

I cannot reveal much about it at this point, but all I can say for now is that usually the world of stock market is associated with men, but here is a woman, who lands up in this world and goes through her set of challenges.

Sony SAB Badall Pe Paon Hai

7. How does it feel to be associated with a project produced by the dynamic duo, Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta?

It’s a pleasure to be associated with a project helmed by the dynamic duo, Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta. Besides being producers, they are both dynamic actors, and I’ve always been a huge fan of their work. They bring in a lot of experience and that is evident. They are very hands on producers and their inputs on everything are so insightful. Working with them on this project has been a learning experience every day.

8. Finally, what message would you like to convey to the audience about the show, and why should they tune in to watch Badall Pe Paon Hai?

Badall Pe Paon Hai is not just a show; it’s an experience that mirrors the aspirations, struggles, and triumphs of ordinary individuals like Baani, who dare to dream big. It’s a story that showcases the relentless pursuit of dreams against all odds. So, I urge everyone to tune in and witness Baani’s journey unfold, filled with heart, determination, and the pursuit of better things in life.

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